Zombie Lake (Still Alive #1) by Javan Bonds

Zombie Lake

By: Javan Bonds
Genres: Horror
Pages: 334
Series: Still Alive #1
Zombie Lake (Still Alive #1) by Javan Bonds

The world has gone to hell but Mo Collins and his shipmate, Crow, are still alive. Every night hordes of naked, blue, biting zombies flood the now dead Alabama lake town. While on board their replica pirate ship, the Viva Ancora, they fish and watch the monsters roam the night; seeking untainted flesh and leaving a disgusting mess in their wake…just like a horror show.

Mo had sailed around the country, but now he finds himself 15 miles from his childhood home, a reluctant Hero. When a lone survivor stumbles upon Mo and Crow they gain a new member but also find much needed direction. The new comer, Smokes, will change Mo’s view of this zombie infested world forever.

As reality mimics fiction an ever growing cast of crazy characters play out their role carving out an island sanctuary in a plague ridden world. The Expert, The Tech, The Oracle, The Sacrifice, The Old Friend plus many more ….. Welcome aboard, friend to this wild ride where the fish bite, the Zombies bite…sometimes life bites.


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Zombie Lake is the first book I’ve read from Javan Bonds and I have to say I really like his writing style. He takes a bit of horror, a bit of humor, a group of unlikely survivors and adds a pile of “peevies” for a new and interesting form of zombie story.


I like how he twists the zombie virus into a plague, thus the name “peevies” = plague victims/PV’s. I thought that was pretty creative and different.


Zombie Lake is told in an unusual sort of style. The main character, Mo (short for Elmo) presents the story to us in the form of a journal. As he tells the story, he does it in a way that is completely different from what I’ve seen before. Writing as if their experiences are paralleling a stereotypical zombie movie. From the way he labels each of his companions (the savior, the old friends, etc) and referring to “the director”, I’ve never seen anything like it before.


The writing itself isn’t amazing, you can see the author needs to improve on some things, but at the same time, since it’s the journal of someone who isn’t declared to be an actual author, I can let this slide. Mo is an inexperienced writer, so it would be understandable for him to not have professional grade writing.


Overall, this was a fun book to read. Mo is easy to relate to and I thoroughly enjoyed this book.


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About Javan Bonds

Javan Bonds is the Amazon Best Selling author of the Zompoc series, Still Alive. This series includes Book One: Zombie Lake, Book Two: Zombie Island, Book Three: Zombies On A Plane, Book Four: Zombie Oasis, and now Book Five: Zombie River Run.
The Still Alive series follows a small group of survivors in a small southern town as they try to keep their wits about them and make a new life in a world overrun by naked, blue-skinned, yellow-eyed zombies that are nocturnal and spew shit on everything. Not to mention that they are intent on chomping all the uninfected in an attempt to infect or devour every last piece of flesh on their bones. Fun times!?! Think WW Z, Zombieland, and Shaun Of The Dead, only better.
Bonds has had to overcome numerous obstacles in writing as well as living his daily life. Diagnosed at the age of eleven with Friedreich’s Ataxia (FA), (a progressively degenerative neuromuscular disease under the umbrella of the Muscular Dystrophy Association), he has slowly been robbed of his physical abilities through the years. Bonds became wheelchair bound in 1999 but that was only the beginning of his setbacks. His sight began to diminish in 2010 to the point he is now legally blind and his hearing began failing to the point he now can’t hear individual voices in a noisy room. In spite of all of this, he continues work tirelessly seven days a week on his writing.
Bonds never letting his disability rule him has lived, loved, and laughed often.
Reading and writing have long provided Bonds with both pleasure and a creative outlet. He began blogging at a very young age and has written articles and letters for the local newspaper. In 2010, he discovered a passion for writing novels and with help of Nuance’s Dragon Naturally Speaking he continues to write every day.
In late 2015 at only 28 years old Bonds was told he may have only a short time left due to the ravages of FA on his heart. After learning this he has been hard at work to complete his other novels and have them finished before his time in this world runs out.

In mid-2016 Bonds published his first novel FREE STATE OF DODGE, the first book in a dystopian series about America in decline and its rebirth.

Javan has these words of wisdom to offer for others stricken by a life-shortening illness:
“Live your life. Light your candle on both ends and let it burn. It may burn out faster but your flame will burn brighter than some who live much longer”

Bonds hopes you enjoy the Still Alive series with its humor, pop culture references and excessive zombie killing action. Oh, and there is a pirate ship too.

Bonds plan on writing at least three more installments in his Still Alive series as well as revisiting the Free State of Dodge, working to complete the trilogy in 2018 as well as releasing audio versions of most of his current works.

Keep an eye on his flame, watch it burn!

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