We Have Winners!! Halloween Spooktacular

With everything going on, Melanie and I were just able to pull the winners for our Spooktacular giveaway.  So without further ado here are the winners.  We will also be contacting them via email, but if you see your name give us a shout at fangfreakintastic@gmail.com

Don’t see your name?  Thats okay, if you still want the book click on the widget and that will take you to it’s Amazon page.

9 Batty Bookmarks


Aprille Shadowspeak
Beth Swaim
Janna Belle
Doris Orman
Marsha Thalleen
Tammie Dillon
Leah Fenick
Shelly Hammond
Felicia Sidoma


1 Signed copy of Tawdra Kandle’s “Star Dust on the Sea”

Jessica Kristine VanHoose


2 Digital Copies of Ian Noakes “Hourglass Heights”

Susan Pigott
Anita Gillham


Audio Code for Claire C. Riley’s “Odium 1”

Frances Mundy


Audio Code for Claire C. Riley’s “Odium Origins”

Amber McCallister


Ebook of Margo Bond Collins “Legally Undead”

Michael Ray Hancock


Ebook of Michael Garza’s “Last Infection”

Linda Romer


Ebook of M. Stratton’s “Dreaming in Moonlight”

Patricia Blair Alner


Ebook of M. Stratton’s “Fade to Black”

Gabrielle Compolongo


Ebook of M. Stratton’s “Constant Echo”

Sarah Geiger


Ebook of Tawdra Kandle’s “King Series”

Amie Stockton


Ebook of Kyoko’s “Black Parade”

Jodi Ciorciari-Marinich

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