Day 21: Wil’s Winter by Antoinette Houston

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I am back from a wonderful holiday at the beach and I am refreshed and ready to do some reviewing.  It may have had to do with the fact that I read four books, sadly two of them I cannot spill the beans until after the judging has finished, but rest assured they were good and you will see the reviews the minute that I can.


Wil's Winter

By: Antoinette Houston
Genres: Paranormal
Pages: 186
Series: Red Summer #2
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Published on: October 31, 2014
Day 21:  Wil’s Winter by Antoinette Houston

Jason was gone. Bobby was left behind in Georgia, but things weren't where he wanted them. In a nowhere town in the middle of Texas, Wil thought they could start over. Create a new life like normal people. But even small towns can have major drama. Just when things look to be calming down between Rita and himself, Bobby shows up. Winter was going to be a hot mess.

Also by this author: Red Summer

I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.



~~Andi’s Review~~


Wil’s Winter is the second book in a series that started with Red Summer.  Red Summer’s review can be found HERE.  This review will have some spoilers due to the fact that it is the second in the series, so if you have not read the first one, either ignore or continue reading.


Wil’s Winter continues the story of Rita following the battle between Thomas, Rita, Nik, Ingrid, Wil, Jason, and Bobby.   The four siblings travelled to a small town in Nevada to hopefully rest and stay hidden in the even that Bobby tracks Rita down.  While in the small town, not only do the four find work and friends, but Ingrid and Nik find out their having twins.  Everything seems like it is destined to be good for the four.  However, the community is not all it seems, and there is someone who has his eyes on Rita, even though Wil is still in love with her.


Over the course of the book you learn more about the quad and what caused them to be where they were.  I really like how Houston transforms this story to more than just a good read.  She creates a story line that hooked me during the first book and really tied me down in the second.  I personally want to know more about their background.  The cover while initially confused me really made sense about ¼ of the way through and really enhanced the book.


This is not necessarily my favorite series of all time, although it is a really good book.  It is however from one of my favorite authors.  This may not make sense as I have only read two books of hers, but here is why.  The world that Antoinette creates is one that pulls you in.  She leaves enough to the imagination while still maintaining enough mystery to keep you hooked.  This story line with the quad and how they came to be is unique and spellbinding.  Take a chance, I believe that it would be well worth the chance.


5 fangs



About Antoinette Houston

Antoinette J. Houston was born Antoinette J. Stewart in El Paso, Texas but raised in Union City, Georgia. She now lives in Hampton, Georgia with her husband and rambunctious four year old son with whom she particularly enjoys not acting her age. Her hobbies include creative cooking, drawing, playing video games and a budding interest in quilting. She enjoys watching anime and reading mangas and loves an eclectic array of music ranging from metal to classic r&b.



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