Weekly Steals and Deals

I have scoured the interwebs looking for authors who Melanie and I feel you all would like who have deals on their books for the Christmas season.  You know what scouring does to my nails?  If you know of any books that you want everyone to know about, let us know and we will get it on the list.



Some of authors that we have spotlighted are published by CHBB. Here is an anthology of really good books.  Right now the anthology is only $.99.




Here is another CHBB book that is on sale for $.99.



This one is on the darker side. It is available for $1.99

Looking for a light mystery? Available on sale until December 17th.

Just wanted to throw this one in again in case you missed it from last week. The publisher wanted us to know that if someone wants an author signed copy that it is $9.99 and to email them. Everyone should check them out, they are relatively new and this is their first book. So far they seem to be doing pretty good. Wizards Keep Publishing

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