Vinnie and Mook- Hitman for Horror: The Boss’ Cut

Vinnie and Mook- Hitman for Horror: The Boss' Cut

By: Mitch Hyman
Pages: 384
Published on: May 29th 2017
Vinnie and Mook- Hitman for Horror: The Boss’ Cut

Sunshine, ocean breezes, umbrella drinks...and voodoo, zombies, vampires and Hitmen. What more could you want?

Vinnie and Testeroni and Morris "Mook" Chichinski were two of the most respected- and feared- Hit men around. Vinnie: the proud Sicilanu (Sicilian). Call him and "Italian" and it was your only - and last- mistake. No questions asked. Mook: the son of a Jewish Miami hooker and a mob wiseguy. Call him a "bastard" and it would be your only - and last - mistake. One he had his long and painful "fun" with you.

Like ham on a bagel, they broke the rules - but that's what made them the only hope for a frantic New York mobster.

"Fat Shelly" Wasserman, a racketeer, whose daughter was gone and feared kidnapped. His last message from her was all he had to go on: a photo. One minute, she was a university student in the Big Apple. The next, she was being photographed deep in the West Indies-- a most unusual photograph. It was a new style Polaroid photo of the sun drenched girl looking like the hadn't a care in the world and of two men next to her. That was the unusual part -- either the sun was too bright or the camera was too old, because the men looked so ghostly, that they were almost blurs.

But the truth was far older - and worse- than just a photo taken with a camera of all things. Had Fat Shelly known it, he would have called his worst enemies, the authorities, instead of his biggest enemies, Vinnie and Mook.

From their aptly named shop they retired to as Key West fishing outfitters, 'Too Tough to Tackle', to a centuries-old New World horror, they would soon learn that not everything alive you kill stays dead- or was never alive in the first place.

And in this edition you also get the original popular "Vinnie and Mook" Novella, "Swallowed Hook, Line and..." which sets the stage and introduces the boys and some very unusual new friends for the full length Novel also contained herein.


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Vinnie and Mook- Hitman for Horror by Mitch Hyman is actually 2 books in one. It contains both Hitmen in Paradise and the novella Hook, Line, and Sinker.


Vinnie and Mook are totally different characters from what I’m used to reading. It seems like no matter what they do or where they go, they always run into something supernatural. They are just trying to do their “job.”


I really like Vinnie and Mook as characters. They are stereotypical hitmen who kill people, but they still have standards. They are easy to relate to and I became quite attached to them both. They are also quite funny. Their banter is very entertaining.


This is the first book I’ve read by Mitch  Hyman and it certainly won’t be the last. He is a great storyteller and writes in a way where the reader can see and follow everything in that world. I recommend this book to anyone looking for something a little different from your typical monster books.



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About Mitch Hyman

Mitch Hyman is best known as the creator and writer of "Bubba the Redneck Werewolf". He is well known in the Indie comic industry for his other comic book concepts and characters as well. Hyman is also a widely published novelist and short story fiction writer.
The characters from his “Hit Men” novels, Vinnie and Mook (two hit men dealing in supernatural threats), first appear in the Prequel novella “Hook, Line and Sinker” and then in the follow up full length adventure, “Hitmen in Paradise”. This concept is an on-going series and more novels are currently in the works.
Hyman’s short story endeavors include publishers Words Take Flight’s "Dr. Sarcophagus and his Carnival of Dark Desires” and Red Stylo Media's "Shakespeare Shaken" graphic anthology. He is also noted for his firing of Donald Trump in a parody of "The Apprentice" during his tenure as a freelance writer for the original CRACKED magazine. He is also the Executive producer of the recently completed motion picture comedy based on an adaptation of his Werewolf character “Bubba”.The film was done through his production company TWO RUBBING NICKELS LLC. The trailer for the film can be seen on-line at various web and review sites or at You Tube.
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