Viktor’s Wicked Revenge by Tiffany Stevens Release Day!



Release Day!!!!!



Bayou Brew Publishing



Viktor’s Wicked Revenge
By Tiffany Stevens
 Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publishing by: Bayou Brew




Sloane has casted Viktor straight back to Hell, but Viktor isn’t wasting his time, he has been busy planning to take back what he believes to be his, Sloane! Viktor blinded by greed and fueled by the lust for power; he teams up with a Dark witch, Beth who has her own agenda for Sloane. Viktor not realizing Beth has her own agenda, allows her to lead the plan to get Sloane to choose the Darkness over the Light, fulfilling the prophecy. While Viktor is searching for the exiled angel Azazel, Beth is planning to steal Sloane’s powers for herself to become the Daughter of Darkness. When events take a turn for the worse it leaves Beth dumbfounded and Viktor grief stricken.



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All About Tiffany


Tiffany Stevens


Born and raised in GA. Developing a passion for reading and writing didn’t come till much later in life but since then it’s something that has yet to end. When I’m not ordering books from Amazon, you can find me answering phones for my husband, at my son’s football games witht he rest of the loud parents or shopping with my daughter. I still have a lot to learn about writing. It’s rewarding enough just to have someone read it and say they like it. Genre: NA



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