A Vampire Calls by Kora Shrum

A Vampire Calls

By: Kory Shrum
Genres: Horror
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In the anthology Venom & Vampires, A Vampire calls delves into asking for things.  There is an old saying that you get what you ask for.  Well sometimes you get more than you want, and in this case, it is much more than she wants.


Lettie Cole is a sad individual.  Probably in her 40s, she lives at home with her sick and horrible mother.  She also lives with her drugged out brother.  No one expects to be smoking on your mother’s broken down porch, kinda wishing she would die.  In this case Lettie wants out, she wants more.  She doesn’t know what that more is, but she wants it, she wants to live.


What she doesn’t know is that someone else has noticed her desire.  Not everyone has your best interests in mind, and this creature is looking out for itself.  In fact this creature wants nothing more than to take Lettie away from it all.  She may get what she wants, but at what cost?  When you feel like you have nothing to live for, what are you willing to give up?  Life itself?


This is a good story, but I felt that it was a little too long.  I mean after the first couple of pages you just want the story to hurry up and at least get somewhere.  There is only so many bed changes and trying to hide money from her brother before you start skimming.  I believe that if it was slightly shorter then it would have progressed faster.



About Kory Shrum

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Kory M. Shrum lives in Michigan with her wife, Kim, and their ferocious guard pug, Josephine. Kory naps like an adult and chugs caffeine like one too.

She's an active member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Horror Writers of America and the Four Horsemen of the Bookocalypse, where she's known as Conquest.

She's the author of the Dying for a Living fantasy series and the Shadows in the Water supernatural crime thriller series.

When not reading, writing, or battling her pug for the covers, she teaches writing to college students.

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