Vamped by Lucienne Diver


By: Lucienne Diver
Genres: YA, Paranormal
Pages: 157
Series: Vamped #1
Published on: May 8, 2009
Vamped by Lucienne Diver

Gina Covello's Perks and Pitfalls of Vamp Life
1. Hello?! Eternal youth and beauty!
2. Free. Designer. Clothes.

3. My hot new boyfriend Bobby went from chess dud to vamp stud.

4. No reflection! First order of business: turn my own stylist to stop the downward spiral from chic to eek.

5. Vampire vixen Mellisande has taken an interest in my boyfriend, and is now transforming the entire high school into her own personal vampire army. If anyone's going to start their own undead entourage it should be me.

I guess I'll just have to save everyone from fashion disasters and other fates worse than death.

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Vamped by Lucienne Diver is an easy and quick read. Her main female character, Gina, is a popular high school student turned vampire who is fairly annoying and immature. She is funny at times but is childish more times than not.

Despite Gina’s immaturity, I did enjoy this story. It moved along at a quick pace so I never had time to get bored. I can see Vamped appealing to teenagers. There isn’t any sex, but there is some making out etc.

Gina does seem to adapt to her new life very quickly. Her relationship with former nerd turned hot vampire, Bobby, is strange to me because it just seems wrong that she didn’t want anything to do with him before he turned into a vampire, but after, she spent time making out with him, which is how she ended up as a vampire.

This is a very fun book and I look forward to reading the rest of the series. I gave it 3 stars because while I enjoyed it, Gina was just so damn annoying I wanted to stake her myself.



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About Lucienne Diver

Lucienne Diver is the author of Vamped young adult series (think Clueless meets Buffy) and the Latter-Day Olympians urban fantasy series from Samhain, which Long and Short Reviews called “a clever mix of Janet Evanovich and Rick Riordan”. Her short stories have appeared in the KICKING IT anthology edited by Faith Hunter and Kalayna Price (Roc Books), the STRIP-MAULED and FANGS FOR THE MAMMARIES anthologies edited by Esther Friesner (Baen Books) and her essay “Abuse” was published in DEAR BULLY: 70 Authors Tell Their Stories (HarperCollins).
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