Update of things to come & Real Life

There as been a lot of things that have happened in the last month or two and we at Fang Freakin-Tastic Reviews want to let you loyal readers know.

1) A company approached us offering a free app in exchange for a place to put coupons and deals. We agreed because the app looked awesome. There have been some technical difficulties and so while we hope that will happen in the future, we apologize for the test and random blog posts that have sent notifications to your email. Rest Assured that will not be happening again.

2) We have decided to bring on some guest bloggers. They will be guest with reviews once in awhile. Blogging is hard and has you know Melanie and Andi both have households and Real Life things going on. Andi is a judge for a book competition. She is on her 5th of 10 books that she has to read and then judge. Andi is also a writer and there were some deadlines in March and April that required more attention than normal. Melanie traveled to some book conventions that took her away from her computer. As you can see, it isn’t that we don’t want to be in front of the computer all the time, but sometimes it is hard.

3) If you have noticed, we have more non paranormal book blitz’s happening. When we were in Florida, we met a wonderful woman who owns Torquere Press. Because we like her so much, and we like some of the books they have published, we decided that while we may not review the books, we will try to give them a little air time.

4) Fridays – So we have tried a couple of things on Fridays, and we have decided that we want to do a real life, get to know you type post. We will be alternating every other week.

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