Untamed Instinct by Tamsin Ley

Untamed Instinct

By: Tamsin Ley
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Series: Alaska Alphas #1
Publisher: Twin Leaf Press
Published on: 1-18-2021
Untamed Instinct by Tamsin Ley

An outcast from his pack

Born to a family of wolves, mountain lion shifter Adrian Stone has never fit into the shifter community. He's resolved to live out his days alone, prowling the Alaskan wilderness and hunting down rogues. When he rescues a stunning, determined human who smells like catnip and makes his inner animal purr, he's shocked, because his mountain lion insists she's his mate - even though she claims to be a witch...

A witch without magic

Darcy Mae is determined to join her aunt's coven and make up for her mother's mistakes. All she needs is one more ingredient for a potion to cheat the coven's test. But a grizzly attacks her while she's searching for herbs, and her mountain lion rescuer transforms into a man with rock-hard abs and golden eyes she can't resist...
Witches and shifters never mix, and Darcy is terrified the coven will drive her away. But the coven isn't her only concern. The local shifters believe the rogue outbreak is due to witchcraft.
And Darcy is the perfect target.
Reader note: A reclusive shifter, a wanna-be witch, and a whole lot of hot and steamy purring. Intended for mature audiences.

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Last week I reviewed the fourth book of the Alaska Alpha series. This is the first book in the series by Tamsin Ley. This series isn’t about the Johnson Brothers and their lodge, but rather Adrian Stone who is a Mountain Lion shifter. His goal in life is to stay away from other shifters and work on tracking down rogues. Rogues are shifters that are dangerous, and there are more than ever. While at work one day, he encounters a woman who is in danger, even though she doesn’t know it.


The woman in question is striving to be part of her aunt’s coven. Even though she isn’t the best with witchcraft. She is out searching for the ingredients to hopefully fool the coven. While out in the wilderness a bear attacks her, one that has a weird color pattern. She knows that witches exist, but shifters are a bit outside of her knowledge.  A mountain lion that comes to her aid comes because of what she smells like. She smells like Cat nip, but not because she is collecting cat nip, but the ingredients for her potion. The attacking bear is then brought down by the interested mountain lion.


During this there is a group of rogue shifters who are hurting others. The local shifters think that witchcraft is to blame, and Darcy is the new witch on the block. So because of that it comes down to rather Adrian will come back into the shifter fold to help protect not only the shifters in Alaska, but Darcy as well. Well that is unless she is the cause behind the shifters going rogue.


This is the first book that I have read by Tamsin and they are definitely an author that I will read more from. Their write steamy romance. While reading, I found myself liking their voice and how they interact with the characters. The characters are well rounded and invoke emotion. Rather it is the fear that Darcy felt, or the pain that Adrian has regarding why he is a loner.  Overall this is a good story that I think is well worth the read. It is a great start to the Alaska Alpha series.


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