*Tips and Tricks* Finding something good to read

There are many ways to find books that you may enjoy.



If you have a small local bookstore, it wouldn’t hurt to walk in and talk to the employees.  Many small bookstores are very knowledgeable about what books they have, and who may enjoy them.  Let them know what you like and I bet they will have a couple of suggestions.  That may not mean you will ultimately like them, but you never know.



Do your friends read as much as you?  I have a friend who does, and I have asked her in the past what books she really likes.  She does happen to be my co-blogger so it makes it a little easy  to find books that we both like.  For the most part we are never wrong about what book we each would like.  Ask your reading friends what they like, and why.  You may find that new treasure.


Another thing that you can do with friends is start a book club.  I was at a formal function and I was talking to this woman who is part of a book club, and she has been for the past 15 years.  What makes her want to come back year after year?  There are 11 members, all women.  In January they meet at a restaurant and pick a month out of the year.  That is their month.  So not only do they select the book for reading, but they also have the book club meeting at their house, and they provide the food and drink.  Another rule is that you have to read at least 100 pages of the book.  This lady talked about the month that the club read about an opera singer.  At the  monthly meeting, the hostess, who happened to also be an opera singer, actually sang for the group.  Other rules is that it can not be a self-help or recipe book.



Goodreads is a good place if you don’t like to talk to people outside of the internet.  Let’s be honest, there are those who read our blog, and that is OK.  I don’t like to talk to people off the internet most of the time, and there is nothing wrong with it.  Connect with friends or strangers and find books that fit into what you like.


Yes, I saved blogs for last.  I mean I think that this is one of the best methods to find a book.  Yes you may not know us personally, or you may.  To make a blog useful in finding a new book is to first find a blog that you like.  Many blogs are dedicated to specific genres, be it romance, m/m, erotica, etc.  Here we try to stay in Fantasy, Paranormal, and Science Fiction, however we will stray, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and I will get to that in a little bit.


So you found a blog that you love, you love the voice, you love the genre, and you really enjoyed the last four books they reviewed that you read.  All of a sudden the blogger reads something that doesn’t fall inside their dedicated genre, but they loved it.  This is where you go outside of a genre that you enjoy to read something new, different, and possibly really good. Do not constrain yourself by only reading one author or one genre.  You never know who you may find.


That last one really hits me.  Before I started writing for this blog almost two years ago, I read mostly Kathy Reichs, Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and J.D. Robb.  I would have never picked up an indie book that I didn’t know the author.  Now, I have not read the above four authors in over two years.  I have met and drank and ate with some amazing authors because I took a chance and started expanding my book shelf.  Writers like Boone Brux and Jade Lee now sit next to J.D. Robb and I am okay with that.

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