Time Ripper by D E McCluskey


By: D E McCluskey
Genres: Science Fiction
Pages: 336
Publisher: dammaged productions
Published on: February 21, 2021
Time Ripper by D E McCluskey

It is the year 2288, and Earth is reeling from the most horrific terrorist attack it has ever endured.The Quest, a pseudo-religious splinter group, have taken a stance against the Earth Alliance's authority of the planet.It is down to Youssef Haseem, now the highest-ranking official left in the EA, to build a team to face the threat of total inhalation if he doesn't stand down and bow to The Quest's demands. Then the leaders of The Quest disappear, and a legend emerges in the year 1888. But just who is the mysterious stranger stalking and viciously killing women on the streets of Whitechapel, London?A mission is launched! A battle of wits against time itself. A fight to be played out in the present and the past, with the fate of humanity at stake.Legends can happen anytime...

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When Melanie came to me with this story I was initially very excited. I mean who doesn’t love science fiction and history. Okay pretty much everyone doesn’t love those, but that is here nor there because I do. I also am really interested in the human mind and how humans interact socially, it is why I have a sociology degree and love to people watch. I am also interested in serial killers and who else to be interested in than Jack the Ripper.

This story is not just about Jack the Ripper, in fact the twists you find in this story make the entire Jack the Ripper story in an entirely different way, one that involves time travel, evil groups, a earth that is falling apart, and historical events that all combine effortlessly in this book.

This book starts with a world without war, a world that is safe and secure. The ruling council tries to make sure everyone is fed and alive. There is no religious fighting either. Not everyone appreciates it, in fact there is a secret group who’s main goal is to kill people to upset the balance. Because of this the council has to find out what is going on, who is behind it, where if anywhere did they go, and why were they doing it.

The story then moves to how they can assist in stopping what is about to happen, which is going to kill about half of the living population on Earth, but it isn’t easy, and it isn’t fast, and it isn’t perfect.  You can see how Science Fiction is fickle like that.

To be honest, at the beginning I was a little meh about this story. Not that it wasn’t good but it was a bit long and boring.  I wondered where it was going to go. Then it started moving and it never slowed down. The twists had me changing the pages as fast as I could to see what happened next. Then the final twist? Seriously I both wanted to reach through the book and throttle the author. Also I want to pat them on the back for that twist. It made me mad, it made me sad, and it made me want to know so much more.

Overall a great story that takes the historical character of Jack the Ripper and changes it on its head.



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About D E McCluskey

D E McCluskey is a writer of novels, graphic novels and comics, currently living in Liverpool with his daughter, an author in her own right (at the age of 11) with her children's adventure The Hangry Hamster.

He began writing in 2011, creating his first comic publication entitled Interesting Tymes. This is an anthology of short horror stories written in rhyme for children and adults, introducing the world to Edward D'Ammage. The first book was quickly followed by Interesting Tymes x 2 and the spin off series called Edward D'Ammage Presents: The Wedding.

Dave then moved on to more adult related fiction, bringing out the one shot Wooden Heart, followed by the full graphic novel Doppelganger.

He then moved on to produce a number of comics and graphic novels, including The Few, a zombie series, DeathDay Presents, a graphic novel comedy based in Hell, Three Days in the City, The Adventures of Mace Masoch and many more. He has written and produced a full graphic novel for children entitled OLF, a clever twist on an old Christmas tale. Spurred on by this, he partnered up with artist Joe Matthews and they produced a retelling of the classic Christmas tale A Christmas Carol, re-writing it completely in rhyme.

Dave then turned his sights onto writing novels. His debut novel The Twelve was released in 2017 to great reviews. This was followed by a collaboration with a local, Liverpool music historian, to produce a historical thriller called In The Mood... For Murder, based in Liverpool in 1946.

Dave's next novel was a dark, brutal psychological horror entitled CRACK, which tackles the issues of PTSD and addiction.

His next work was a romance/horror/comedy crossover entitled Z: A Love Story.

His next book was released in August 2019. It is a collaboration with another author based in Liverpool. C William Giles. The book is called The Contract and will be the first of a trilogy.

Butterflies, his first foray outside the genre of horror/thriller is a female led drama, was released on 1st October 2020.

His future works will include horrors, thrillers, children's books and YA adventures. He refuses to be pigeon-holed...

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