Thrill of the Hunt: Buried Alive by LE Perez and others

Thrill of the Hunt: Buried Alive

By: L.E. Perez
Genres: Horror
Thrill of the Hunt: Buried Alive by LE Perez and others

Thrill of the Hunt: A Collection of Suspenseful Tales Book 5
~What happens when you find yourself "BURIED ALIVE"? Sometimes it's more dangerous to fear yourself than the Reaper.
This collection of stories challenges you to understand the fear of being Buried Alive, whether physically or metaphorically.

Also by this author: The Devil's Cut, When They Call, Lily's Grace
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This is the 5th book in the Thrill of the Hunt anthologies and each one gets better and better. A great place to find up and coming authors with amazing storytelling skills, this series has something for everyone. Each book has its own theme, from Urban legends and now Buried Alive.


The fear of being buried alive is a very real thing for many people. I don’t think anyone would be too keen on the idea to start with, and this book brings that fear to life in a variety of ways. I love an anthology where every single story is a great read. It doesn’t happen often, but this series has consistently delivered on that front.


I can’t say I had a favorite story because they really were all good. They all had their own twists and turns that I could appreciate. I think the two stories I loved the most were Trapped by Celeste Kuri and Buried by J. Nichole Parkins. I’ve read stories by both of them in the past and, once again, they didn’t disappoint.


If you’re looking for a book with a variety of stories to creep you out, look no further. The Thrill of the Hunt anthology is worth reading.

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