The Vampire’s Priceless Treasure by Kristen Painter

The Vampire's Priceless Treasure (Nocturne Falls, #11)

By: Kristen Painter
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 352
Series: Nocturne Falls #11
Publisher: Sugar Skull Books
Published on: Oct 7, 2019
The Vampire’s Priceless Treasure by Kristen Painter

Welcome to Nocturne Falls, the town that celebrates Halloween 365 days a year. The tourists think it's all a show: the vampires, the werewolves, the witches, the occasional gargoyle flying through the sky. But the supernaturals populating the town know better.
Living in Nocturne Falls means being yourself. Fangs, fur, and all.

Half reaper, half vampire Kora Dupree has made big changes in her life. She’s on good terms with her previously estranged father and taken on all kinds of adult responsibilities. But when an opportunity to find out the truth about her late mother comes along, she can’t resist pursuing it. Even when it means returning to her somewhat dubious ways.
Vampire Greyson Garrett knows the bad but beautiful Kora is up to something. He’s wise to her games. After all, her father has hired Greyson numerous times to save Kora from all the sticky situations she’s gotten herself into. If she were just…better behaved he could see himself falling for her. Hard.
Even though Kora promises she’s changed, Greyson has his doubts. So much so that he follows her one fateful night and gets pulled into her latest scheme. It’s not like he hasn’t been here before, but this time he swears it’s her last chance to prove she’s different.
Kora’s new adventure sends them on a treasure hunt that takes them all over the globe, and in the course of their travels, they realize how good things are when they work together. But will that all change when the adventure is over? Are they really in love? Or just addicted to the rush?

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If you haven’t read Kristen Painter’s Nocturne Falls series, I suggest you do. Why? It isn’t because it is a paranormal romance that spotlights a lot of different paranormals. It isn’t because she is a prolific writer. Between this series and her other two, you will always have a book to read. No in my opinion the reason to read it is because they are great stories that are quick reads. By quick reads, I don’t mean they are short. These are the type of books that once you start reading it, you continue reading it until you are done with it.


Kora, a half reaper, half vampire has a dubious past. Her relationship with her father is strained but working on being better. She spent the majority of her life spending money and having fun. There may be a couple of illegal activities in there as well. I mean what girl hasn’t right?


Her father’s hired hand and Vampire Greyson knows all about Kora. In fact Greyson has been working for Kora’s father for many years. Multiple times Greyson He was hired multiple times to keep track of Kora. In that time Greyson was keen to Kora’s antics. Kora is telling Greyson that she has changed, but Greyson just doesn’t believe it. When Kora finds out that she may be able to find out about her mother, she jumps at the chance. The only hitch in the plan is that it requires Kora to perform some illegal activities.


It is just at that moment that Greyson decides to see what Kora is up to, rolling into her issues when he wanted to stay out of them. Trouble is, he just can’t. The problem is, the path to the answer either will pull Greyson and Kora apart, or throw them together.


I did not see the ending, and I have read a lot of books by Kristen, so I should have known, but this one surprised me. The story line is similar as the author’s other stories in that boy meets girl, girl has an issue, boy helps her, boy is in trouble. Or you know, something like that. All of the author’s books do tend to have common themes or at least common plot points. That isn’t a bad thing, it makes all of the books in the series similar, and you know what to expect. I personally enjoy the similarity, especially since each story is a bit different, and there are paranormals that you don’t see every day.  They are not all werewolves and vampires, you have a variety of different paranormals. One book was about a wisp, how many books lately have been about wisps?



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About Kristen Painter

When the characters in Kristen Painter’s head started to take over, she decided to put them on paper and share them with the world. She writes paranormal romance and the gothic fantasy vampire series, House of Comarre, for Orbit Books. She has also been published in non-fiction, poetry and short stories. The former college English teacher can often be found online at Romance Divas, the award-winning writers’ forum she co-founded. She’s represented by Elaine Spencer of The Knight Agency.

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