The Vampires Dreadful Read by Piper Alexander

The Vampire's Dreadful Read

By: Piper Alexander
Genres: Paranormal
Pages: 47
Series: Vampires of Transylvania Texas #1
Published on: January 8, 2016
The Vampires Dreadful Read by Piper Alexander

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, and that’s just fine with Penny Dreadful when Sin City becomes too hot for her and her sisters because a few misguided vampire hunters think vampires are an abomination against nature. Talk about rude.

Now Penny and her sisters, Paige and Pita, along with Granny Mags, live in Transylvania, Texas, home of the oldest cemetery in the United States… and the Dreadful Inn Bed & Breakfast. Life is going pretty good for the undead foursome until the director of the city library turns up dead, with a book filled with blank pages offering the only clue.

The new sheriff is drop-dead gorgeous but he’s way out of his league when it comes to solving a supernatural murder so Penny takes it upon herself to find out who the culprit is, before the supernatural shenanigans lure the hunters to town and Penny’s new home goes up in smoke.

Along the way, she teams up with a troublesome witch with a fascination for shoestrings and learns that words can do more than hurt when a little magic is added.

Note: Vampires of Transylvania Texas is a new supernatural series filled with fun, sarcasm, adventure, and maybe just a touch of romance if Penny, Paige, and Pita play their cards right.

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The Vampires Dreadful Read was a cute and fun book. The author does a great job of quickly getting to the point, but gives you enough details so you don’t feel like you missed anything along the way.


The characters were all interesting and I would really like to know more about them. Each of the sisters is unique and Grams is just crazy. I’m sure she’s got a story to tell of her own! We are given just enough of each characters personality to know who they are on the surface and it certainly made me want to know about each and every one of them.


The story is told very quickly, but not in a rushed way. I think it was a unique story, and the whole town is going to be fun to get to know in future books. Some of the ideas are a little bit clichéd, but I think it actually helps with this story instead of making it seem old and tired. Piper Alexander has taken some old ideas and given them a fresh, new concept that I really enjoyed.


I look forward to reading more from this author and more about Transylvania, Texas! I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a quick and fun read about a family of vampires trying to make a new and hunter free life.

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About Piper Alexander

I write because Hogwarts wouldn't take me, and because the voices inside my head tell me to. I don't really want to make those voices angry. I write paranormal stories that are fun and just a little bit snarky because those are the types of stories I enjoy reading.

In addition to pleasing the voices in my head, I also enjoy spending time loyally serving my five cats, binge-watching shows on Hulu and Netflix, and eating donuts. Mmmm... donuts.

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