The Vampire and the Prince of Roses

The Vampire and the Prince of Roses (Dreadful Vampire Book 2)

By: Piper Alexander
Genres: Paranormal
Pages: 120
Series: Dreadful Vampire #2
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Published on: December 15, 2016
The Vampire and the Prince of RosesAlso by this author: The Vampire's Dreadful Read, Vampire's Dreadful Read
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This is the second in the Dreadful Vampire series. The review for the first book can be found here.


So Penny and her two sisters own a bed and breakfast in a small town in Texas. I mean of course they called their business the Dreadful Inn right? Oh and their grandmother lives there. Did I mention they were related to Dracula? Like bat turning, blood sucking Dracula.


Here the sisters are, minding their business when a reality show comes to their town. Not only to their town, but to their Bed and Breakfast. Also they just happen to have their eye on Penny being a contestant on the show.


So not only is that all going on, but there is a sheriff in town that Penny has her eyes on, but he is human. So of course that complicates things because she can’t show her true self to him.


Then people start dying, and their deaths aren’t your typical falling off a roof death. So you have Penny, her Bed and Breakfast, her sisters, her granny, the sexy sheriff, and a bunch of randos who are there for the reality show. What else can go wrong right?


I enjoy this story, not as much as the first one. The first one was came out in early 2016 and I read it right away. I immediately felt drawn to the characters and the story. Then I honestly forgot about the series. While I would love to follow the storyline of Penny and her sisters, I just don’t know if the author is going to continue writing this series.


Should everyone read this story and the series? Yeah, because it is fun and it is entertaining. Overall it is a pretty short read. Did I like this one as much as the first one? Not particularly, but I do like Piper’s writing style and like the overall plot.



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About Piper Alexander

I write because Hogwarts wouldn't take me, and because the voices inside my head tell me to. I don't really want to make those voices angry. I write paranormal stories that are fun and just a little bit snarky because those are the types of stories I enjoy reading.

In addition to pleasing the voices in my head, I also enjoy spending time loyally serving my five cats, binge-watching shows on Hulu and Netflix, and eating donuts. Mmmm... donuts.

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