The Soul Collector by Laura Daleo

The Soul Collector

By: Laura Daleo
Genres: Paranormal
The Soul Collector by Laura Daleo

As I lay trapped inside this quiet realm,
My soul adrift, my body earthbound
A magical book guards my flight,
Will it keep me safe till morning's light?

It begins with darkness. Are they dead, or trapped inside a horrible dream? No one can hear them, see them. Has the world forgotten them? Are they invisible? Not to the Soul Collector. They have stepped into her Kingdom, and she is waiting for them.





The Soul Collector is much different from any other book I think I’ve read. It deals with the afterlife and the place in between life and the afterlife in a way I’ve not seen before. The majority of the characters are trapped in comas and given the opportunity to “live” out their lives in a secluded mansion owned by The Soul Collector.


I really like the ideas put forth in this book. The idea that those in a coma can be doing something other than just what it appears is a cool idea. To think our loved ones are potentially having a good time versus the possibility that they are trapped in their bodies is comforting in a way.


The main characters are all quite interesting. There were a few side characters I’d like to know more about, but it wasn’t their story. I really didn’t like Drara at first, but as time went on and we were shown more of her personality, I grew to like her to a degree and maybe feel a little sorry for her.


The Soul Collector was a book I had a hard time putting down. The kids can only eat so much cereal before Mommy has to actually make real food instead of reading. Each chapter brings a new piece of the puzzle and I just couldn’t put it together fast enough for my own tastes. Daleo knows exactly when to reveal each detail in the perfect place.


This really was a great book and I recommend it for anyone looking for a unique read. It’s definitely worth the time.



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