Day 27: Horror-Thriller: The Sisters: A tale of Good and Evil by Don Sloan

28 Dark Days        of Bloody Good (1)

The Sisters:

By: Don Sloan
Genres: Horror & Ghost Stories, Thriller
Pages: 243
Series: Dark Forces #1
Publisher: Self Published
Published on: April 6, 2014
Day 27: Horror-Thriller: The Sisters: A tale of Good and Evil by Don Sloan

This book tells the story of how two young people on vacation in a small New England seacoast town solve a hundred-year-old mystery - and escape a blood curse. Fourteen Victorian mansions whisper dark secrets among themselves, and a dangerous shadow roams up and down the wide, wintry boulevard in search of new prey.

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Melanie’s Review


For me, The Sisters, by Don Sloan started off a little bit rough. I had some trouble understanding what the Sisters were saying, so it was causing me confusion as to what was going on. The way Sloane had it formatted threw me off a little bit, but eventually I caught on to what was going on and ended up completely enjoying this book.

This story is very creepy. The Sisters each have their own stories and Sloan does a great job of giving us just enough info at the right moment without giving away the entire story. It keeps the suspense going and keeps you interested in the story. There is an appropriate amount of evil lurking throughout this book and Sloan does a great job of painting a scary picture. The dreams his characters had gave me nightmares.


My only complaint is that I would like to have heard each sister/house’s full story. The horror that each house experienced sounds truly sick and twisted. The things that occurred there are definitely the kind of thing that a great horror story is made of. Maybe I’ll get lucky and Don Sloan will consider writing a novella full of each houses actual story instead of just the main bits and pieces that were included in The Sisters.


I recommend The Sisters to any reader who is looking for a creepy story that can make you doubt your own sense of reality vs. dreams and gives new meaning to being afraid of the things that go bump in the night.


4 stars


I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review



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About Don Sloan

I am a former police reporter for a large metropolitan daily newspaper and therefore no stranger to scenes of carnage and strange phenomena. I believe fervently in ghosts and other spiritual guides, both friendly and unfriendly.

My goal with the Dark Forces Series is to present readers with a new and exciting horror and suspense thriller experience.

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