The Secret of the Carousel Horse by JMM Adams

The Secret of the Carousel House

By: JMM Adams
Genres: Mystery & Detective
Pages: 99
Series: A Casey Lane & Jackie Lee GSD Mystery #4
Publisher: Dragon Loch Works
Published on: July 6, 2019
The Secret of the Carousel Horse by JMM Adams

The secret of a carousel horse causes Casey to be kidnapped for the exchange of the mysterious horse. A thief, Casey, Peter, and the others are lost in another world trying to find the treasure that will save their lives. Will they find the treasure, will Casey be found alive? Can they ever get back to Cornwall? What is this treasure that is worth a life? Jackie Lee tries to find Casey before it's too late!

Narrated by Jackie Lee the GSD

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Last year we participated in the Columbia Gorge Book Festival, and one of the authors there was JMM Adams. Her books have a lot of German Shepherds on the front, so my minion had to have them.  We got one or two because if I left minion have her way, we would have bought like half the books there. Which yay for those authors, but mommy isn’t rolling in money.


So this book is good, it is a mystery detective type book that has a group of people who search for artifacts. Now this is not the first book in the series. I had to piece together some of what was going on. The artifact in this book allowed them to time travel, but it appears that most of the books are this way. Anyways, so they travelled back in time, and met the Knights Templar. Yes those knights, the very same as Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.


Overall this is a fun read, and if I read it without my background in history and copyright laws, I would have really liked it.  Now the actual history isn’t bad, and I will give it to the author for knowing their history. My issue is with the images, and there are a lot of them.  When the characters go to a castle, there is an image of the castle.  There are maps and other things as well.


So with that said, I am going to rate this book on the written content, and not the content of the images. I personally think the images could have been removed and the story would have still held its own.



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About JMM Adams

Michele M Adams was born in Austin, Texas into a military family. As a child she lived in Europe and in many different places, moving when her dad was transferred. Her stories take place in many of those places, such as Luxembourg, Germany and France.
Michele won an award for an article she wrote in the 8th grade in Rome, N.Y. She majored in English Literature at Southern Oregon University. Michele has 6 books and 1 novella published. She is currently working on another Jackie Lee Mystery, a new fantasy book and soon will be writing a biography for war dogs. Check out her website at, her Face Book Author page, J M M Adams, Mystery Author. Her books are enticing and appropriate for young and old alike.

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