The Queuing Dead by Marc Moore, Kevin J. Kennedy and others

The Queuing Dead

Pages: 288
The Queuing Dead by Marc Moore, Kevin J. Kennedy and others

A Very British Zombie Anthology.

Have you ever watched The Walking Dead and thought to yourself "That is not how things would go down here!" ?

This anthology addresses the question of what would happen if a zombie apocalypse were to hit the United Kingdom.

How would Londoners react to walkers roaming the streets? How would a scouser deal with the undead?

This anthology gathers some of the finest indie-horror and zombie authors together to answer those questions.

A collection of incredible tales from all across the United Kingdom from masters of the craft.

15 Amazing Authors.

15 Rich, Entertaining and Diverse Zombie stories set in the United Kingdom.

Duncan P. Bradshaw
Marc Moore
Suzanne Sussex
Paul M. Feeney
Daryl Duncan
Ian Woodhead
Kevin J Kennedy
Chris Harris
Andrew Lennon
J G Clay
Mark Nye
Paul B Morris
Diane Coughlin
Matt Hickman
Kyle M. Scott
Cover Art by Stan Yan


The Queuing Dead is a different sort of zombie anthology. It gives a glimpse into the world of a zombie apocalypse occurring in Britain. Highlighting some very British tendencies, it kept my attention. Each story was well thought out and while some did more for me than others, I can honestly say I enjoyed every one of them.


This book ran the gamut of emotions for me. There were stories where I felt sorry for the characters, some were hilarious and others made me want to stab the main characters. Which I think is fairly common for a well-written anthology.


Kevin J. Kennedy’s story was one of my favorites even though I didn’t feel like it should have ended there. I wanted more. It didn’t feel unfinished, I just wanted to story to continue.


Overall, I really enjoyed The Queuing Dead. If you enjoy a variety of zombie situations and characters, take the time to check this one out. You won’t be disappointed.



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