The Pocket Watch by Ceci Giltenan

The Pocket Watch

By: Ceci Giltenan
Genres: Romance
Pages: 174
Series: The Pocket Watch Chronicles #1
Publisher: Duncurra LLC
Published on: September 24, 2014

When Maggie Mitchell, is transported to the thirteenth century Highlands will Laird Logan Carr help mend her broken heart or put it in more danger than before?

Generous, kind, and loving, Maggie nearly always puts the needs of others first. So when a mysterious elderly woman gives her an extraordinary pocket watch, telling her it’s a conduit to the past, Maggie agrees to give the watch a try, if only to disprove the woman’s delusion.

But it works.

Maggie finds herself in the thirteenth century Scottish Highlands, with a handsome warrior who clearly despises her. Her tender soul is caught between her own desire and the disaster she could cause for others. Will she find a way to resolve the trouble and return home within the allotted sixty days? Or will someone worthy earn her heart forever?

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Maggie gave up everything to be who she was. When her mom fell sick, she gave her schooling.  She took care of her father and younger sister when her mother died. When her dad couldn’t afford schooling for both of them, Maggie let her sister go to school. She had lived her adult life giving up everything and never taking something for herself. That was until, while sitting at a fountain, an elderly lady gave her what she wanted. At what seems like just the right time. The opportunity to live another life, even if it is just for a short time.


She was not expecting where the pocket watch takes her. She met people she wasn’t ready for. What she learned about herself and about her life will change her forever, but will she go back?


This is a book in the larger Duncurra world. It is a stand-alone, but you can read it as part of the larger world. It is a really good look at the Duncurra kirk world and you start to get a look at the world and the characters. You start learning about them and starting to really care about the characters, even if at times you want to throttle them.


It is a quick read that could dive a little more into the politics of the world that Maggie is thrown into. At least in my opinion as history is my thing. However, for how short it is, I think that the amount of time given to build the world while still having a good plot and resolution is adequate. Overall a good story in a wonderful world.


About Ceci Giltenan

Ceci started her career as an oncology nurse at the NIH, and eventually became a medical writer and regulatory affairs specialist in the pharmaceutical industry. She is married to an Irish carpenter and they raised their family in central New Jersey.

With children out of college now, she is leaving the world of drug development behind to focus on writing books and enjoying life.

Ceci and her husband live in southwest Florida because she loves palm trees and she believes any day that she doesn't have to wear socks is a good day.

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