The Moonlit Grove by Robin Johnson

The Moonlit Grove

By: robin Johnson
Genres: Shifters
Pages: 77
Publisher: Jurasketu Short Fiction
Published on: January 12, 2020
The Moonlit Grove by Robin Johnson

A unique tale of the weird where a nocturnal excursion leads to a life-changing encounter with a circle of very unusual trees.

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As an advance preface, I did not know what I was getting into. The mistake was mine. I should have read the synopsis a time or two, but I didn’t and so I was not ready.


It is okay though because this is such a great short story. Honestly I think the only thing keeping it from a five star is that there are some unanswered questions. A page or two more and it would have been at that level for me.


Oh and the number of nocturnals used in the story. In the first couple of pages it is used too much. Normally that wouldn’t bother me or even cause a blip on my screen, but it is nocturnal and it is a short story. Those two things combined caused me to say something. I don’t know what it is about the word nocturnal but just reading it causes me to shudder a bit. Yes I did use it three times in this paragraph.


So it is short so I can’t talk a lot about the story because if I do it will take the surprise and really the whole story away.


Let’s just say that there is a guy that likes to go out for hikes, particularly those at night. He feels closer to nature, which I can personally understand.  When I was younger I would sit outside and just listen to nature.  We lived on property and so our closest neighbors at the time were about a mile away.  There are closer neighbors now at my parent’s house, but it is still mostly quiet there.  Our house is inside city limits but most of the time it is quiet, enough to sit outside and just relax.


Overall this is a really good short story that talks about secrets, promises, and what can happen when you go places that you probably shouldn’t. Oh and seriously if you walk into what you thought should be an open field and there are trees there, don’t cut them. Don’t hurt them, and for god’s sake just walk away.



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About robin Johnson

Robin was born. He learned to read. He read many books. He liked them. When he grew up, he spent a lot of time writing stories and even wrote a novel. In addition to stories, Robin writes a lot of software to pay for the stuff he and his family need and want. When not writing software or stories, Robin mostly spends time with his family. Robin likes to watch baseball and football. Robin likes to play games like Magic, RPGs, strategy board games, bridge and sudoku. Robin is a black belt in Aikido. In the past, Robin played Paintball, worked in the construction business and was a software trainer.

The Hardest Working Day of Robin's Life: Installing plywood on the roof of a house on New Year's Eve, after dark, in a sleet storm.

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