The Last Necromancer by C.J. Archer

The Last Necromancer

By: C.J. Archer
Genres: Fantasy, historical
Pages: 268
Series: The Ministry of Curiosities, #1
Publisher: C.J. Archer
Published on: August 11, 2015
The Last Necromancer by C.J. Archer

Victorian London: For five years, Charlotte (Charlie) Holloway has lived as a boy in the slums. But when one theft too many gets her arrested, her only means of escape lies with a dead man. Charlie hasn't raised a spirit since she first discovered she could do so five years ago. That time, her father banished her. This time, she brings even more trouble upon herself.
People are now hunting Charlie all over London, but only one man succeeds in capturing her.
Lincoln Fitzroy is the mysterious head of a secret organization on the trail of a madman who needs a necromancer to control his newly "made" creatures. There was only one known necromancer in the world - Charlotte - but now there appears to be two. Lincoln captures the willful Charlie in the hopes the boy will lead him to Charlotte. But what happens when he discovers the boy is in fact the young woman he's been searching for all along? And will she agree to work for the man who held her against her will, and for an organization she doesn't trust?
Because Lincoln and his ministry might be just as dangerous as the madman they're hunting.

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I like steampunk fiction. I also like books that deal with the past in unique ways. If I want to read a history book, I have two full book shelves of them for my day job and so normally I stay away from fiction books that look like they are going to have a lot of history and not enough plot to them. This one I liked the cover of, and I like the synopsis so I figured that I would give it a try. I am so glad that I did.


This book is set in England during the 1800s. It starts with Charlie, a street urchin who lives on the streets of London trying to survive. They are caught and put into the local jail and that is when things get a bit sideways. Charlie is able to escape but now not only has to dodge the law, but also the former gang of street urchins they used to live with.


Then Charlie realizes that there is more than that after them, and they must make a decision. To live the life they had been, or to go back to what they were before becoming a street urchin.  Then the author throws in the villain and once you realize who they are, the book makes a lot more sense, and takes a much darker turn.


I would consider this a dark fantasy based in Victorian London during the height of the medical experimentation era. Blood Letting, unknown remedies, etc all abound in this time. Charlie realizes that people do care, but are they going to put those people are risk just because they care? Or do they actually care at all?


I liked this story, it was a bit slow at the beginning, but it picked up the pace I would say 1/3rd of the way through. It takes from victorian lore and adds a spin to it which I really enjoyed. I also like the main character and what they are going through. Sometimes you are born in the wrong time or in the wrong place and you have to find your place in life. For Charlie that means a lot more than for other people.


The author does a good job of making the book seem like it is actually happening during the Victorian era.  This is versus books that say they are in the Victorian Era but then have a cell phone. I dislike that, but I am happy to say that this does not happen in this book.





About C.J. Archer

C.J. Archer has loved history and books for as long as she can remember and feels fortunate that she found a way to combine the two. She spent her early childhood in the dramatic beauty of outback Queensland, Australia, but now lives in suburban Melbourne with her husband, two children and a mischievous black & white cat named Coco.

While she has written historical romance in the past, she now writes exclusively in the historical fantasy genre (with a large dose of romance). She has several series which occur in the same Victorian-era "world". Each series can be read alone, but it's more fun to start at the beginning with THE EMILY CHAMBERS SPIRIT MEDIUM TRILOGY. Follow that up with all 9 FREAK HOUSE books, then the MINISTRY OF CURIOSITIES series. GLASS AND STEELE, her newest series, is set in an entirely different alternate Victorian London.

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