The Hitman and the Reaper by 100 Lick

The Hitman + The Reaper

By: 100 LICK
Genres: Action & Adventure
Pages: 60
Series: Shady Files #1
Publisher: 100LICK
Published on: December 22, 2019
The Hitman and the Reaper by 100 Lick

One cannot die in the presence of Death - The Reaper

A Hitman is visited by the Grim Reaper, and warned of his impending doom. What follows is the first story of The Shady File. This is an action packed tale, set in an exotic, futuristic world, full of death, destruction, violence and gore.

The Shady File is a collection of dark, grim stories, in which no character is entirely innocent, and everyone is, at the very least, a little guilty of one sin or another.

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The Hitman and the Reaper is a short story that is essentially a conversation between a Hitman and the Reaper friend of his. Well maybe not necessarily a friend, but someone that he has known.


The Hitman is a man who has killed many over the course of his life. The story starts with the Reaper calling for him, which he goes and meets. The Reaper and the Hitman start to have a conversation about major points of the Hitman’s life. This includes the first kill, the hardest, etc. While they are doing this they are travelling on their mounts through a mountain pass.


There is a reason for death to ask about the kills, and let’s the hitman continue to speak as they travel. There is a reason for Death to keep the hitman talking, but it isn’t until time has ran out that the Hitman realizes his mistake.


I like this story, it is a short story and as someone who enjoys video games it runs a little like one. What I mean by that is for a short story it runs like there are shorter stories inside the short story. Each one is could be an episode by itself, or the way it reads like a video game. Each one a mission that the author spells out. Overall it is a good story, but you have to be okay with gore and action.


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About 100 LICK

100LICK is a unique brand, unlike any other. It is also the pseudonym I choose to write under.

100LICK is also a puzzle, one that you must solve. Within its logo lie the clues that will lead you to the answer.

As for who I am... Well, that shall remain a mystery for now.

Why? You ask.

Why not? I answer.

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