The Ghost Within by Elle Klass Release Day!

Today is release day for one of the nicest authors I know. Please show Elle Klass some love! She has some AMAZING sales to go with her release.

The first book in the series, The Vampire Next Door, is perma-free.

The second book, The Monster Upstairs, is on sale for a short time for 99cents!

The third book, The Ghost Within, is currently 99cents and released today! So that means you can get all 3 books for $1.98! This price won’t be for long, so snatch up your copies while you still can.



The Ghost Within

By: Elle Klass
Genres: Paranormal, YA
Pages: 168
Series: The Bloodseekers #3
Published on: March 13, 2018
The Ghost Within by Elle Klass Release Day!

The day Opal observes her boyfriend locking lips with a gorgeous blonde is the day her life goes to pot. People turn to ash before her eyes then her parents move the family into a creepy house left to them in a will from her great uncle. In the house objects start disappearing and a a sleek black creature saves her from a bolt of lightning meant to kill her. She feels her mind is sinking into insanity except everything seems so real and more absurd than the vampire shows she watches. She surmises her imagination must be defective.

Meanwhile Nova -- the sorceress -- keeper of night magic and the mother of Bloodseekers is sinking Earth into a thick cloud covered darkness. Each day colder than the next and the Slayers still haven't found Agate the empath. Without her they can't destroy every Bloodseekers on Earth or stop the inky blackness from taking over and feeding Nova's night magic until the light is gone forever. Even the unique witches they have ties with can’t stop her without the seventh Slayer.
Can the Slayers reunite all supernaturals and find Agate to defeat the dark forces and save humanity?

Also by this author: Infection (Zombie Girl 2), Infection (Zombie Girl Book 2), Scarlett

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The Ghost Within is a great continuation of The Bloodseekers series. I love the variety of paranormal entities. This isn’t just a “vampire” or “witch” book; it’s filled with the full spectrum of creatures, each with their own unique qualities that gives them something different than the traditional aspects of their lore.

I love this series Klass has been building and I think it’s great for both readers of Young Adult paranormal as well as others. It isn’t filled with sex, which I like lol. It is both exciting and intriguing. The Ghost Within was able to keep my attention throughout and once it got going, it seemed to fly by.

I definitely recommend this book and the whole series to anyone looking for something that isn’t run of the mill paranormal.



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About Elle Klass

Elle Klass is the author of mystery, suspense, and contemporary fiction. Her works include As Snow Falls, Eye of the Storm Eilida’s Tragedy, and the Baby Girl series. Her work Eye of the Storm Eilida’s Tragedy is a Reader’s Favorite Fiction-Paranormal Finalist in the 2015 Reader’s Favorite Awards. Baby Girl Box Set received Official Honors in Young Adult through New Apple Indie Ebook Awards. She is a night-owl where her imagination feeds off shadows, and creaks in the attic.

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