The Entity at Camp Devil’s Lake by Anthony Gurule

The Entity of Camp Devils Lake

By: Anthony Robert Lee Junior Gurule
Pages: 266
Publisher: Anthony R. Gurule
Published on: July 21, 2016
The Entity at Camp Devil’s Lake by Anthony Gurule

The Entity of Camp Devils Lake is an action-packed fantasy novel set on a mysterious evil mountain in which, Rodger finds himself face to face with the supernatural. What started out as a simple investigation of the death of a little boy turned into a whirlwind of horror, gore, and destruction? The Entity of Camp Devils Lake follows Rodger, and a cast of both mortal and fantastically immortal supporting characters who seek closure, power, revenge, and survival. This story is essentially a good versus evil, versus evil conflict, which, contemplates some of the prevailing questions about religion, its role in society, and the clashes it sparks among the people of the world. The Entity of Camp Devils Lake will keep the reader turning the pages to find out what happens next. Goosebumps and hair will rise as you read it at night. Sleep tight, or not.

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This story starts off with a prologue. But it wasn’t. It was really just the inciting moment and it went fast and it was terrifying.  After reading it I settled in for what I thought was going to be a long, but fast-paced book.  Sadly that is not what transpired over the course of the story.

As readers know, but I’ll mention it again. All of the reviews that I write are my personal opinions about the story. This does not mean that you as a reader will feel the same way. Nor does it dictate if you like it or not. Essentially take my reviews with a grain of salt. Everyone has different likes and dislikes.  I say this for a couple of reasons.  First I normally do not write negative reviews. Most of the books I read I like and I think that they are at least a 3 if not more.  Second, this book did not resonate with me that most books do.  Maybe that is why I didn’t like it. Maybe the reasons I list below are why. Either way this is my own opinion.


This book starts off fast and scary.  It then really slows down and got to the point where I began to skim. The story went from the bad thing at the lake to an interpersonal look into the main characters personality, history, future, etc.  I do enough self reflection that I don’t need hundred+ pages of it in a book.


Another thing that I particularly didn’t enjoy was the random acts of gore.  I get gore in stories and if it warrants then it doesn’t bother me.  The same thing in movies.  I will watch a movie with gore if it is important to the story. Gore for the sake of gore isn’t needed and I won’t watch movies like that.  I like the first two Saws but I have no need to watch the others.  This book has that, just gore to shock the reader.  Yes the entity is bad, and the gore is necessary in some cases, but once the cop got to the camp, is it still necessary?  Maybe it was, maybe I am just overthinking the whole thing.


The entity is terrifying, there really isn’t I think a good reason why it exists, but again maybe it is because I didn’t understand the story to the depth that I should have.  I got too wrapped up in the cop’s issues that I didn’t really look at the entity and the reason behind it.  Either that or there wasn’t a really good reason and I saw what I thought I saw.   Either way this is not a story that really spoke to me and it slowed down to such a point that I got bored.  I finished it, and it sped back up at the end, but I feel like the entire middle could have been faster.


About Anthony Robert Lee Junior Gurule

Anthony Gurule was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, to his parents Anthony SR, and his mother Janet, he grew up in Albuquerque in the south valley. His first book, "The Entity of Camp Devils Lake," is the first line of fantasy horror that will scare you, but makes you think about your own biases and beliefs. The book makes you think of the real world and the way people are living today. People scare easily, but does this book wake you up with the subliminal messages buried in the text? You decide.

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