The Deep, Dark Woods by Christina Escamilla

The Deep Dark Woods

Genres: Horror
Pages: 148
The Deep, Dark Woods by Christina Escamilla

In the Deep, Dark Woods...

Fear abounds. It may be creatures that only you can see, or the fevered imaginations of your nightmares. Perhaps these monsters are the ones that bite and claw, or the ones that come out of the grave. No mater what, when you go walking in the woods at may not make it back out.


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The Deep Dark Woods is a book of short stories by Christina Escamilla and several other authors. These stories all take place in the woods, and boy do they live up to being “deep” and “dark”.


Overall, I enjoyed this book. There are some stories I enjoyed more than others, as it usually is with short stories. In my opinion, there were no stories that weren’t as good as the others. They were all well written, scary, and quickly paced. They gave you all the info you needed and got to the point without a bunch of extra filler, which I definitely appreciated.


I recommend this book to anyone who likes variety in their horror. The Deep Dark Woods is definitely worth reading.



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