The Bride Wore Brains by Emily Wesley Stringer

The Bride Wore Brains

By: Emily Wesley Stringer
Genres: Horror
Pages: 75
Published on: October 19, 2015
The Bride Wore Brains by Emily Wesley Stringer

Claire's perfect wedding takes a horrific turn when her guests start turning into zombies. It's up to her best friend, Kat and a motley crew of wisecracking misfits to save the day.

Praise for "TBWB":
"This book really did it for me. I have finally found a situation in which I love wedding details - the author has planned a wedding right down to the bouquet and pink satin bridesmaid shoes, then trashed it all with zombies and a chainsaw. Exquisite! It was a beautiful combination of hum our and zombie horror/action - I would recommend it to anyone looking for a refreshing read with a bit of gratuitous gore!"-Nia Wright

"This is most definitely a book I'd come back to. I recommend zombie lovers to read this, I think many of us especially The Walking Dead fans would enjoy reading about a zombie outbreak at a wedding!"-The Sweet Little

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The Bride Wore Brains is a short story about what happens when zombies crash a wedding.  There are a couple of things that can happen, you can either run away, die, or actually fight back.  Or you can do all three, including hiding in a room hoping that you are not seeing what you seeing.  The main characters are the entire bridal party, well actually the female side and a couple of the guys.  


Anywho, they are having the wedding when someone sees what appears to be a drunk waiter.  I mean when you pay a lot of money to have a catering company you expect them to be sober and not drunk at your wedding.  


There are people in one’s lives who take up the banner, or in this case, the chainsaw and will stand next to you as you do battle.  Be it against your evil ex, your former boss, or zombies, you never know who will stand up and fight.  Cherish those people because they will be your lifeline in life, not just against a groomsman who turned zombie, but against all that life throws at you.


I am lucky or I guess privileged enough to have one of those types of people in my life.  Someone who I know will have my back when I am having a bad day, or when we need to slaughter some zombies.  


Overall The Bride Wore Brains is a story with a lot of heart in it, I mean literally there is a lot of heart in it, and blood, and gore, and little zombie kids.  Proceed with caution if you do not like zombies being killed, random chainsaw zombie killing, or wedding dresses getting stained.  Otherwise go forth and read this story, you won’t regret it.




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About Emily Wesley Stringer

Emily Wesley Stringer lives in Lexington, Kentucky with her husband and dog, Bloo.
She enjoys writing humor, horror, and mystery.
Her first eBook, "The Bride Wore Brains", was published in October 2015.

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