Take a Bite Out of the Beach at Coastal Magic!

Take a Bite Out of the Beach at Coastal Magic!



As you may know, (and if not, now you do) I will be going to Coastal Magic Con in Daytona Beach February 5-8. This is a great book event, and actually my favorite event that I’ve been to. This will be the 3rd year I’ve attended, and my 2nd as a Featured Blogger. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am for next weekend to come. It’s like Christmas for me. A Christmas full of books and some of my favorite authors, where I get to actually HANG OUT with them! How awesome is that??


If there is any possible way you can make it to this event, DO IT. You won’t be disappointed. I mean, its a book event that focuses on Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, and Horror books! I have met so many great new to me authors, and after spending the weekend with them, you leave with some amazing experiences and a whole flock of new friends. And some of those new friends are AUTHORS!




There are still single day tickets available until February 3rd I believe. Each day has it’s own fun stuff to do. Saturday is the Author lunch where you get to sign up with one of the Featured Authors to eat with! There are panels and Meet & Greets all weekend.


There are some pretty awesome Featured Authors, such as Amanda Carlson, Kristen Painter, Christopher Rice, Larissa Ione, and Angie Fox, but there are also quite a few authors attending who aren’t “Featured” that you can hang out with. HD Smith will be there as well as Emily Cyr and Kyoko M. Those are just three of the awesome authors that will be there. There is also quite a few authors who will be signing books for the charity signing on Saturday that are not registered as “Featured”.

step brothers

Below you will find what sort of benefits come with each single day registration. If you choose to purchase single day tickets for every day, it adds up to the same amount you would have paid for the full event tickets. The website for the event has the schedule and everything else you may need to choose which day  (or preferably, day(s)) you would like to attend. The information for the hotel is there as well and there are still rooms in the event block available, although they are no longer discounted for the event. If you are a Florida resident, I believe they offer a Florida Resident discount, but I can’t promise you that for sure.


If you decide to join us, PLEASE let me know! I would love to meet you! It is a great time with great company and something every Paranormal, UF, or Horror fan should experience at least once. Just so you know, I will be doing a special giveaway with Paige Tyler at her table at the signing, and you can only enter to win if you mention that you saw her guest post that will be posting today at 8am. We might torture you and ask you a question about her post or my blog, so be ready! Or we might just be happy you came to see us 🙂


Friday Registration includes:

  • Welcome Bag filled with swag & goodies from authors & publishers (while supplies last)
  • Access to Friday panels and meet & greets
  • Access to Cinema Craptastique

Saturday Registration includes:

  • Welcome Bag filled with swag & goodies from authors & publishers (while supplies last)
  • Access to Saturday panels and meet & greets
  • Lunch with an Author
  • Access to the evening mingle

Sunday Registration includes

  • Welcome Bag filled with swag & goodies from authors & publishers (while supplies last)
  • Access to Sunday panels and meet & greets



coastal magic 2015


*Featured Author list may change due to cancellation and/or director discretion. Please check back often for updates. 2015 cancellations as of 1/25/14: Karen Chance, Vivian Arend, Shayla Black, Melissa Bourbon, Amber Belldene, Sara Humphreys, Danielle Monsch, Brynn Myers, Tish Thawer, Tonya Kappes, Jeanne C Stein, Amy Lane, C A Kunz, Kelly Meding, Deborah Cooke, Jaye Wells, Lia Davis

**If you are a blogger who would like to attend the Author/Blogger Speed Dating activity on Thursday evening, please email Jennifer Morris at CoastalMagicConvention@gmail.com for details.*

***The book sale / signing on Saturday is free and open to attendees AND the public. Authors will have books for sale in print and digital at the singing, Please limit books brought from home to 5 total, and consider supporting our authors by purchasing books from them during the signing. Thank you.**

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