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Putting the Fun in Funeral by Diana Pharaoh Francis

  I am going to shine a bit of a light into the hot mess that I am. When I finish a book on kindle, which really is my phone because who knows where my not 1, not 2, but … Continue reading

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Autumn Magic by T.M. Cromer – IBF Review

  The first book in this series was an IBF review.  Technically so is the second. However, halfway through the first book it went from an IFB book review to something new. It became an “I love this series and … Continue reading

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Winter Magic by T.M. Cromer Release Day!!

  Hey all, I have been seriously slacking in the last couple of months, but because of the wonderful Melanie, my reviews are getting put up.  Anywho.  I am here today to tell you about this wonderful author who writes … Continue reading

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