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GBU: Publishers

    Hey all, today’s GBU is about publishers.  Now before everyone get’s their hackles up, I am talking about general publishers, not specific ones.  You know we don’t like to name drop/smear.   GOOD   If you are a … Continue reading

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GBU CrowdFunding

  Anything mentioned in this post is the opinion of either Andi or Melanie and does not mean that both of us agree, although in many cases we do agree.  This one may be a little longer than normal because … Continue reading

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5 Fang Book Review!! Brimstone by S.L. Gayvn

Wow… Second 5 fang in what a week?  I am either getting a lot of really good books or I am getting soft.  I am going with that I have gotten really good books :).   Brimstone really hit it … Continue reading

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