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I was an evil teenager by Anthony Avina

  Not all people are born good, some are born bad.  There may not be a reason for it, or it may be to genetics.  Either way, there are children who are just evil.  They are bad people, they do … Continue reading

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Tristan’s Escape by Dianna Love

  So before I get into the review, I need to explain how I got this book.  It is a story by itself.  So at Coastal Magic they had a panel where we created covers using snippets of real stories. … Continue reading

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Day 14: The Sisters: A Mystery of Good and Evil, Horror and Suspense by Don Sloan

      Imagine if houses could talk, now imagine that these houses were hundreds of years old, held secrets beyond your imagination.  Now imagine that you lived near the coast, where rain, snow, and fog encompass not only the … Continue reading

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