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3:05AM by H.E. Bulstrode

  This is a short story that follows Mark, a young man who works, is married, and has a child on the way.  One early morning he hears the TV come on at 3:05 and as he watches it, he … Continue reading

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Review: Touched by Sandman by Beverly Ovalle

  This book is not intended for younger readers due to the content.  With that said, this was a really good book.  Everyone knows about the Sandman, the man who helps lead you into dreams.  Then you have the Metallica … Continue reading

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Feature and Follow #6 Get your Hop On

    Welcome to our 6th Feature and Follow.  Yeah I know we are at 6, isn’t that awesome.  So as today is the start of Easter Weekend and there are people who celebrate that, I would like to add … Continue reading

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