Day 26: Styx and Stoned by Boone Brux

28 days

Styx and Stoned

By: Boone Brux
Genres: Paranormal, urban fantasy
Pages: 219
Series: Grim Reality #2
Publisher: The Painted Raven
Published on: May 15, 2015
Day 26: Styx and Stoned by Boone Brux

Las Vegas! All expenses paid!

Normally, a trip like that would be a dream come true for a widowed, mother of three, who just happens to be grim reaper. Here’s the thing though, situations rarely work out as I imagine they should. And usually not in my favor.

This time isn’t any different. Instead of the endless free drinks and gambling I’d been hoping for, I get the opposite—demons, water zombies, and a bimbo ghost roommate, who gives new meaning to the phrase dead drunk.

But it’s not all bad. I’m making new friends, learning spectacular reaper skills, and saving souls. I just hope I don’t lose mine before I can get the Underworld all sorted out.

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Styx and Stoned is a fast paced and fun read. Boone Brux has created a world and characters that are plenty entertaining. Honestly, she’s one of the funniest authors I’ve ever read.


This is the 2nd book in the series, and I have been waiting for what felt like forever to read it. I won a copy at Coastal Magic Con. It was worth every minute of waiting.


Lisa goes to Las Vegas on Reaper business. I swear this woman has worse luck than I do, and that’s saying something. While we don’t get to witness any of her stupid people reaping, there is plenty of other action and adventure. One thing I love about this character is that I can relate to her on a level that just doesn’t happen in other books. She’s a mom, she has shitty luck, and just can’t get a break. I understand that completely.


In Styx and Stoned we learn a lot about the other characters in the series. I understand Hal a lot better than I did previously, and now I can understand why he’s such a wanker.


Overall this was a funny, enjoyable read. I laughed through most of the book, and I really like when that happens. The action never really stops and you never know what will happen next!


5 fangs


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About Boone Brux

Boone's stories range from high fantasy to humorous paranormal.

Having lived all over the world, and finally settling in the icy region of Alaska, she's always looking for the next adventure. It's not unusual to find Boone traversing the remotest parts of the Alaskan bush, gathering information for her stories. No person or escapade is off limits when it comes to weaving real life experiences into her books or blogs.

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