Starstuck by Natalie Aejaz

Starstruck: A Paranormal Romance

By: Natalie Aejaz
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 80
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Published on: April 26, 2019
Starstuck by Natalie Aejaz

A hapless witch, a hot dragon shifter, and a love potion. What could go wrong?

Star has given up on the hope of ever being a powerful witch. When the sexy dragon shifter Drake walks into her magick shop, she only proves her ineptness by accidentally shafting him with a love potion.

Drake only went to the magick shop for an innocuous brew, and now he can’t get the witch out of his mind. He’s forced to go back to her for help, because he’ll do anything to get the love potion out of his system.

As her mistake forces Star to reconsider whether magick is even for her, Drake’s attraction to her increases, and he realizes that he rather enjoys being under this witch’s spell ...

STARSTRUCK is a standalone novella. This lighthearted and steamy paranormal romance features a ‘happily ever after’ and no cliffhangers.

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There is a reason that witches are apprentices in apothecaries before they are just let loose on the unsuspecting paranormal public. They don’t know exactly how to make things, and potions can be tricky. One wrong ingredient and bam you just went from making a love potion to making a frog potion. I mean obviously I don’t know this from personal experience, but the main character in Starstuck by Natalie Aejaz does.


Star, a novice witch who thinks that she is not good for much. A older witch decides to take her under her wing. Oh and this witch is pretty strong and owns a well known potion shop. Star watches as her mentor mixes potions. Well her mentor decides that she is going to take a couple of days off and leaves Star in charge. Now that wouldn’t be a bad thing because she left explicit instructions about not touching anything inside the locked cabinet and to not make any potions that were above her, and you know normal potion shop owner instructions.


Well Star being Star wants to help the Dragonshifter Drake even though technically her boss has strict instructions. So what does she do? Oh she just mixes her own little potion for him, because I mean how how hard could it be? She knows the ingredients and believes she can make it. Well… Let’s just say that it does not go to plan and a mix up happens. Drake is upset, Star doesn’t understand what is happening, and the whole thing looks like it is going to go sideways.


So what does any self respecting witch who things she is terrible do? Oh try to make up some more potions to counteract the one that she originally messed up on. Yeah you see where this is going.


This is a standalone novella that is for 18+ readers because of the content. There is some steamy action and it is pretty graphic. I like it, and not just the sexy bits, so get your minds out of the gutter. It was a good short story about what happens when a young witch tries to go above and beyond. Sometimes it pays off, other times you may have a hot angry dragon breathing down your neck. I mean it really is 50/50. It is a fun, quick read. I enjoy getting to know new authors, which this is one. The writing style is enjoyable and I will seek out future books by this author. Her writing style is good and she brings enough personality to her characters that I feel like I know them.




About Natalie Aejaz

I love making things up!

I am Natalie Aejaz, an author who enjoys travel and make-believe.

After writing about other subjects for years, I wrote my first fantasy romance a few months ago, unexpectedly becoming addicted to the fun and freedom of creating universes. The opportunities for play were as limitless as my imagination and since then, I tend to write in this genre.

Aliens, shapeshifters, vampires and witches ... they are on their way in my future books.

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