Souls Fall: J.D. Blackrose

Souls Fall

By: J.D. Blackrose
Genres: Fantasy, Vampires
Pages: 119
Series: The Soul Wars #2
Publisher: Falstaff Books
Published on: July 27, 2017
Souls Fall: J.D. Blackrose

Book 2 of the stunning new fantasy series The Soul Wars, this novella continues the action begun in Souls Collide.

A visit from the obnoxious Simon Whitleigh, a representative of the Vampire U.S. Assembly, reveals how far Gaspard’s enemies will go to in order to remove Gaspard from influence and power. Meanwhile, Kara meets an interesting neighbor who must be handled with care.

The Soul Wars novella series is a new series of short novels, similar to BookShots. Souls Fall is the second in the series by urban fantasy author J.D. Blackrose.

Also by this author: Souls Collide

I received this book for free from Author Gifted in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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Souls Fall is the second book in the Soul Wars series. This one picks up after Gaspard met with his relative Adelaide.  He is with Marc his second and Kara his Valkyrie bodyguard.  For those who haven’t read the first book Souls Collide, check out my review of it. In fact you should read the first book before you read this review.


Vampires can be caring, they can be wonderful, or they could be total and utter douchebags. Gaspard is one of the good ones, Simon is one of the bad ones. The issue is that Simon is a representative of the Vampire Council which is the ruling body of all vampires. Essentially Gaspard’s bosses in a way. While he is dealing with vampire politics, Kara is out exploring, and meeting some new neighbors.  Well new in that Kara and Gaspard are new to the area, versus their neighbors which are not.


These aren’t very long stories, but they are impactful. The first one was more about introducing the reader to the characters and learning more Adelaide and Kara. This book is all about the drama that is not only happening between the Vampires and Gaspard, but also between the neighbors and vampires.  Also between Kara and Gaspard. Theirs is a difficult strained relationship. Kara doesn’t want to be with someone who doesn’t have a soul, vampires don’t have souls. Gaspard is also Kara’s charge, and so she does not fell in love with a charge. But wait, Gaspard may have a soul, and is he really a charge? So many questions.


I really like this series.  There is the strong and sure Kara. You have the deadly but caring Gaspard. Not to mention slavery, history, family, heritage. Really everything that makes a story a good story. Even though Gaspard is a vampire, there is still emotion there, and the author portrays that well.  I also like the personalities that are imparted into the characters, even in a short story.




About J.D. Blackrose

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When not writing, Blackrose lives with three children, an orange cat, her husband and a full-time job in Corporate Communications. She’s fearful that so-called normal people will discover exactly how often she thinks about wicked fairies, nasty wizards, homicidal elevators, treacherous forests, and the odd murder, even when she is supposed to be having coffee with a friend or helping a child with homework. As a survival tactic, she has mastered the art of looking interested.

She would like to thank her parents for teaching her to ask questions, and in lieu of facts, how to make things up.

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