Soul Harvest by Ron Ripley

Soul Harvest

By: Ron Ripley
Genres: Paranormal, Horror & Ghost Stories
Pages: 253
Publisher: Scare Street
Published on: February 18, 2019
Soul Harvest by Ron Ripley

Subject B will do anything to get his life back. But the dead have other plans…

Kidnapped by the brilliant Professor Worthe, Vietnam vet Marcus Holt is forced to take part in a sadistic experiment. Worthe's game has one objective: to see how much fear a man can survive. Now known as Subject B, Marcus is about to discover the answer to that question… Whether he likes it or not.

Trapped in Worthe’s haunted village, Marcus and his team stumble across Subject H, a frightened young mother eager to reunite with her child. She soon becomes the target of a ghost drawn to her fear and anguish. A wrathful spirit that stalks them all from the shadows, waiting for a chance to wield his razor-sharp knife—to carve out the heart of any mother he can find…

Marcus must call on every ounce of strength and courage to protect Subject H from the terror that hunts her. But even if they can escape Worthe’s latest horror, another enemy lurks in the village… a deadly spirit Marcus has faced before.

This vicious ghost is about to end Worthe’s experiment once and for all… By killing Marcus Holt.

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Soul Harvest is the 4th book in Ron Ripley’s Haunted Village series. It picks up pretty much where book 3, Butcher’s Hands left off. While I was left feeling somewhat underwhelmed by Butcher’s Hands, Soul Harvest didn’t disappoint.


Each of the ghosts presented in Ripley’s stories come with a unique and terrifying back story. That’s one of the things I enjoy about his books. They are all twisted in unimaginable ways and carry their horrors over into their afterlives to inflict upon unsuspecting mortals. They are violent and disturbing, but I adore all of them. Obviously, some more than others, but I have yet to come across a ghost series with such a variety of characters.


The ghost in Soul Harvest is different from all the others in past books because he doesn’t just kill his victims, he keeps their souls. I’m not sure if Worthe just didn’t do enough homework on this one, but regardless, it’s going to present problems for him, I’m sure.


Abel Worth seems to be slipping. His experiment in fear doesn’t seem to be going in the direction he had necessarily hoped and, in my opinion, the stresses of that is starting to show. Between his subjects within the village not always responding in the way he thinks they will, to someone trying to sabotage his experiment from the inside, something has to give soon. I can’t wait to see what happens next.



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About Ron Ripley

Ron Ripley is a husband and father surviving in New England, a place which seems to be getting colder every day. He grew up across from a disturbingly large cemetery where he managed to scare himself every night before going to bed. Mostly because of the red lights that people put in front of the headstones. Those things are just plain creepy to a kid.

Ron enjoys writing horror, military history and driving through the small towns of New England with his family, collecting books and giving impromptu lectures on military history to his family, who enjoy ignoring him during those dreadful times.

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