Skin Food by Type A

Skin Food

By: Type A
Genres: Horror, Zombies
Pages: 85
Published on: October 30, 2017
Skin Food by Type A

When the hater dies, the hatred may endure, and torrents of rage may engulf the earth.

Tyson and Lana are on a summer break in Seoul. They link up with Sam and Steve, and the cheerful reunion of college friends turns into a wild, out-of-control night out. Lana and Tyson try the Korean spirit soju, and Sam tries his luck with Mimi, a spirited Korean. However, Steve is in a dismal mood and disappears into the night.

The morning after is a sobering wake-up. Gangshi rise from the dead and take to the streets of Seoul—with Steve among them. Mimi, Sam, Lana, and Tyson vie to escape the city alive and in one piece—with their humanity intact.


A group of friends takes a summer break in Seoul to catch up with two friends who live there.  The night is crazy and they hit the ground running. Three of them all crash, while the fourth is in a bad head space and so he disappears into the night.  The friends don’t think that much, as he is the more somber one of the group.

The next morning, however, they realize that everything is going sideways when the dead walk again, and their friend seems to be part of it.  The rest of the story is them trying to survive in a city and country that has literally died and then come back.

This is a survival short story, in that the friends have to survive until they either die or they are able to get off the peninsula.

It is one thing to be stuck in the United States where you can drive for days but on the Korean Peninsula there is only so much before you hit the ocean, and there are a lot of people in Seoul.  


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