Silverthorne & Fang by Jennifer Hilt

Silverthorne & Fang by Jennifer Hilt

Forbidden Love Sucks.

Vampire and LA pathologist Harriet Silverthorne owes her life to her ex lover, Fang. When she receives a request to investigate his wife's disappearance in Nowhere, New Mexico, that's the last place she wants to be. However a debt must be honored. In the quest to find out what really happened to Fang's wife, she'll face shifters, trolls, and one very fussy shitzu.

Sheriff Caleb Fang can't help but be pleased when Silverthorne returns to Nowhere, even if he didn't have anything to do with his wife's disappearance. As the investigation intensifies and the body count in this isolated New Mexico community rises, something sinister lurks.

Can Silverthorne clear Fang's name and get out of Nowhere with her professional reputation intact? Or is Silverthorne playing right into the hands of a villain with a sharpened stake?

Silverthorne & Fang is part of the Venom & Vampires: A Limited Edition Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Collection

I received this book for free from Gifted in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


Silverthorne is a vampire and a pathologist who lives in LA. She recieves a call requesting her presence in Nowhere, New Mexico, she hesitates going.  She has a posh life in LA and really don’t want to go back to Nowhere.  There is barely internet connection for pete’s sake. The history that surrounds that place, including Fang makes her that much less willing to return.  She finds out they may have connecting cases.  She does not wait to pack her bags. Not to mention Fang’s involvement with the missing.


Fang, a shifter realizes he knows the visitor’s smell but can’t believe it is who he thinks it is.  Fang recognizes Silverthorne, he becomes worried. Especially when his wife disappears one evening, leaving only a pool of blood.  Oh, he is also the local police officer.  Also his brother owns a Casino, and isn’t the best guy in the world.  Infact, a Casino is probably the last thing Nowhere needs.


This is part of the Venom and Vampires Anthology that contains 23 stories. They range from shifters to vampires and everything in between.  The plots differ, as does the quality as it is 23 different people.   So far I am about halfway through, and only one was not my taste. This however, is not that one, and I really want to know more about their relationship. Heck I would read books about Silverthrone and Fang.  Not because I like forbidden love stories, which I do, but the quality of writing, and the characterization really pulled me into the world.




Okay so I know this book existed but it was taken off Amazon.  Hopefully nothing untoward is going on.


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