Silent Death by Ron Ripley 

Silent Death

By: Ron Ripley
Genres: Horror
Series: Haunted Village Series #8
Silent Death by Ron Ripley 

For Subject B, death is only one scream away…
As war veteran Marcus Holt and the others struggle to escape Worthe’s haunted village, they find themselves stalked by a new enemy.

A paranoid psychotic, this demented soul hears voices in her head and is convinced that people are talking about her. Armed with her hatchet, she is determined to murder everyone in the village to silence them all. No matter how far they run, this maniacal spirit is always one step behind them, listening for the slightest sound…

But this deadly specter isn’t the only foe they must face. The sadistic Professor Worthe has set his eyes on one of the subjects, with orders to eliminate anyone who gets in the way.

Marcus must find a way to save him at all costs. But he is exhausted, battered, having fought against the worst nightmares imaginable and suffering grievous injuries in every battle.

Death is coming for Subject B and his friends. And this time he may be powerless to stop it…

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Silent Death is the 8th book in Ron Ripley’s Haunted Village Series. At a point in one of the earlier books, I had considered giving up the series. I was starting to lose interest, and fast. I’m glad I chose to stick with it. This series has gotten better in the last 2 books than I think it was in the entire first half.


I’ve become quite attached to Marcus, Alex, Joyce, and now Timmy. I want nothing more than for them to be victorious over their captors and live happily ever after. Of course, Ripley can’t make things that easy for me. They continue to struggle and I still have no idea who will come out alive at the end of each book, if anyone.


Worthe is definitely going further and further downhill. It’s somewhat satisfying, seeing him become more and more unstable with each book. He’s a horrible person.


The ghost in this book is awful. She seems as though she was definitely the type of person that’s just “born broken”. To some degree, she’s a typical teenager. But under her typical teen mask, she’s quite the happy little psychopath. She’s brutal and forward. So when I said she was awful, I mean she’s a great ghost for Worthe’s project and as a ghost who is supposed to be terrifying, she fits the bill perfectly.


I love this series. It has such a variety of ghosts you never know what kind you will get in each book. The suspense of waiting to find out how everything is going to turn out is frustrating as all hell, but I think it will be worth it in the end. If you haven’t started this series, you definitely should.



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