Silent Bite by Tina Folsom

Silent Bite: A Scanguards Wedding (Scanguards Vampires, #8.5)

By: Tina Folsom
Pages: 118
Series: Scanguards Vampires #8.5
Publisher: Evil Eye Concepts Incorporated
Published on: April 2nd 2014
Silent Bite by Tina Folsom

Newbie vampire Oliver and Ursula, the woman he saved from a blood brothel, are finally tying the knot. But with Ursula’s old fashioned Chinese parents arriving in town for the traditional wedding, chaos soon breaks out—with Oliver always one step away from accidentally revealing to his soon-to-be in-laws that he and his extended Scanguards family are vampires.
And midst all the chaos and confusion, a stalker lurks and threatens to tear Ursula and Oliver apart before they can blood-bond.

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Last February if you remember I went to Florida to the Coastal Magic book convention.  While there I met many of the authors of “1001 Dark Nights” series.  Tina Folsom was one such author.  I finally got to reading this story.  What can I say, I got a lot of books there.  This is not one of the anthologies, but a single novella.


A new vampire, Oliver, turned on the verge of death.  He saved Ursula, a young Asian woman from a lifetime of blood letting.  Her blood isn’t normal, it has the power to intoxicate vampires, and make them addicted.  For that reason, she has to actually orgasm before a vampire can bite her.  This somehow makes her blood not as toxic or addictive.  Oliver and Ursula are on the way to marriage, with friends and family arriving to celebrate the joyous occasion.  Trouble is, Ursula’s parents are very old world.  Her mother doesn’t think she should be marrying a non-Asian. Not to mention what she would say if they found out Oliver was actually a vampire.


Only one thing could ruin their day.  Okay two, there could be white wedding decorations which are bad luck.  Oh and the other thing could never happen.  The release or escape of an addicted vampire from the jail like asylum.  He must then accidently see her/smell her and want to retrieve what he feels he lost.  But that wouldn’t happen right?  Especially not when Oliver works for a private security firm, comprised of all Vampires.  Surely everything will be okay.


You know what they say about best laid plans right?  This was my first 1001 dark nights books, even though I still have three left from the con.  I enjoyed this story, it was short, but impactful in the way that good authors can make short stories.  Not knowing what to expect, as I never read the series.  It was a pleasant surprise to not only learn about the backstories but also about the characters.  I was able to jump into the world that the author created without having to read the first eight books.  This is particularly nice as it leads to me want to read more of them.


Overall it is a good short story.  I do plan on reading not only others in this series but also other 1001 Dark Nights books.



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About Tina Folsom

Tina Folsom is a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author. She's always been self-published and has found tremendous success with her paranormal series, Scanguards Vampires, Venice Vampyr, and Out of Olympus, selling more than 2 million copies of her 50 titles (which includes titles in German, French, and Spanish) in almost 4 years.

Tina writes about hot alpha heroes, bad boys, and kick-ass heroines. Fast-paced plots and steamy scenes are her specialty. She loves vampires and the concept of immortality, and now also writes contemporary romance and has launched the Eternal Bachelors Club series.

Tina is a one-women-enterprise. She writes constantly and translates her own books into German, her native language. Her books are available in e-book format, as paperbacks, as audio books, and in foreign languages.

Tina Folsom was born in Germany and has been living in English speaking countries for over 25 years, the last 13 of them in San Francisco, where she's married to an American. Tina has always been a bit of a globe trotter: after living in Lausanne, Switzerland, she briefly worked on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean, then lived a year in Munich, before moving to London. There, she became an accountant. But after 8 years she decided to move overseas.

In New York she studied drama at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts then moved to Los Angeles a year later to pursue studies in screenwriting. In 2008 she wrote her first romance. She now has 18 novels in English and dozens in other languages.

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