Seven Days (The Chronicles of Lumineia book # 3)

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Seven Days
(The Chronicles of Lumineia:
The Second Draeken War #3)

by: Ben Hale

Genre: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 340

 Released: First published December 10th 2012

7 days


The assassination of heroes was once a warning–for an invasion that nearly destroyed the world. On the brink of total victory, the black horde mysteriously vanished, leaving terrified survivors…and rumors. As the centuries passed, the holocaust faded into legend, and finally myth. But death is stalking heroes once more, and only a miracle will allow life to survive again.

Forced to ally, the world has gathered against the endless night. Numbering over a million souls, they are the survivors of nations. They have armed themselves with weapons and magic, and defend the strongest fortress every built. Led by a supreme strategic mind, the races have organized into battalions, designed unique tactics, and fortified their position beyond any conceivable need. But now their foe is at their gates, and to a man they cling to the same hope, to survive until Elseerian can defeat the source.

The best they can last is Seven Days . . .



My Review


Ben Hale did it again and even better with his 3rd book in Seven, The Chronicles of Lumineia.  In this 3rd story about Lumineia and the The Second Draeken War, I have gotten to know some of the main Characters better like, Taryn, Liriana(Liri), Trin, Maemi(Mae)and Brayen, Jack & Ciara. I also get to meet some new ones and truly respect their willingness for sacrifice in order to save the RACE from becoming extinct.   Some of my favorites from this book were Jack, Terran, & Leary.  Each character plays such an important role in helping develop the storyline.  I love all of the different races Ben has included in this story including Dwarfs, Druids, Amazons, Dark Elves, and Giants. 


This book was so well thought out and the storyline flowed in the perfect way. The element of action in this book really kept things interesting.  I’m really enjoying this series and definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys Urban Fantasy. There is soooo much to take in with this story that I will want to listen to it again soon to just be able to sink it all in completely!  This story brought out many emotions from joy, to fear, to sadness, but in the end I was THRILLED that I took the time to buy it from because it was WELL worth my time!!!


5 fangs



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As an avid snowboarder from Utah, Ben grew up with a passion for learning. This thirst for knowledge led him to sports, music, and academic endeavors. After a year of college, he did volunteer work in Brazil and became fluent in three languages. Returning to school, he started and ran several successful businesses, and finished his first novel in 2008. By 2010 he’d finished his third and began preparing them to publish. Discovering Indie publishing in early 2012, he uploaded a trio of books to Amazon in June, October, and December. By the end of the year he’d sold almost ten thousand copies, and all three had landed onto bestseller lists. His series, The Chronicles of Lumineia, has garnered excellent reviews and continues to expand its readership across all ages.

Residing in Florida, Ben is inspired by his extraordinary wife and three beautiful children.



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