Semi-Human by Isabel Jordan

Semi-Human (Harper Hall Investigations Book 2)

By: Isabel Jordan
Pages: 223
Series: Harper Hall Investigations #2
Publisher: Isabel Jordan
Published on: October 31, 2015
Semi-Human by Isabel Jordan

Harper Hall finally has everything she ever wanted. Thriving paranormal PI business? Check. At least some control over her psychic ability? Check. Smokin’ hot ex-slayer fiancé? Check.
But Harper’s plans to grab the first ordained Elvis impersonator she can find and marry Noah Riddick on the Vegas strip—sans drama—are shot to hell when her old business partner shows up and makes her an offer she can’t refuse. And if she tries? Well, let’s just say she might not live long enough to regret it.
In the course of their elopement from hell, Harper and Riddick find themselves entangled with the paranormal mafia, dodging creepy vampire ménage action, and participating in the supernatural equivalent of Fight Club. First rule of paranormal Fight Club? There are no rules. And, oh yeah, don’t die.
Seriously, what’s a girl gotta do to get her happily ever after?
Semi-Human can be read as a standalone, but works best if read as part of the Harper Hall Investigations series (Book 1: Semi-Charmed). This book is intended for mature audiences. This book is not intended for anyone who doesn’t enjoy smart, snarky heroines and dark, brooding heroes, and who doesn’t appreciate a plethora of nerdy pop culture references. For the rest of you: happy reading!

Also by this author: Semi Charmed, Semi-Charmed

I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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Okay so bear with me.  I read semi-human first, but it is the second book in the series.  The first book landed the coveted 5 fang and is part of our 28 days of blood good reads.  So back to the story.  We again meet Harper Hall, a petite woman who stands up to bad guys much bigger and scarier than her.  Okay maybe not scarier, because she is a little scary.  Harper owns a PI firm.  She co-owned it in the past, but her loser of a friend/boyfriend/charge up and left her for Vegas.  This time she is not semi-charmed, but is semi-human.


Harper has close friends, including a Native American Vampire, a slayer, and a watcher.  Oh did I tell you that she is psychic?  Yeah a bunch of crazy is going on in her life.  She has everything she wants, and life walks up to her and hands her a F-U message.  Okay it wasn’t that bad, but it was bad.  She had plans on traveling to vegas and marrying the love of her life,  her boyfriend.  Sorry I wont give the name because that will ruin the first book review.  So marrying the boyfriend she mostly loves, and cares about.. a lot of the time.


Remember how I said she had a former business partner?  He just happens to show up something bloody the chance of a lifetime.  By that I mean if she doesn’t do it, she wont have a lifetime.  It is then that she realizes that everyone around her is semi-human.  She is semi-human by having psychic abilities.  Her friends are shifters, vampires, slayers; all semi-human.  Is it a bad thing to be semi-human?  That is something that Harper has to figure out while vegas is spinning around her.  She also has to figure out if the one she loves is worth the pain she goes through.


So why didn’t I like this book as much as the first one?  Partially because it was a little cliche.  Good guy has to do a specific thing to save a specific person while fighting another specific person.  The minute her partner showed up, I had an inkling what was going to happen.  This doesn’t mean the story isn’t good, it is.  I totally get behind Harper’s let’s say… personality.  She is snarky and mouthy and really doesn’t know when to sit down and shut up.  Kind of like me.  There are a small part of me that actually enjoyed the sub plot story more than the main plot.  What? I have a soft spot for them.  Two lost, sad puppy dogs just wandering around is how I think of them.


Overall this is a good, solid story that hits all the buttons.  It just didn’t hit them hard enough for me I guess.





About Isabel Jordan

Isabel Jordan writes because it's the only profession that allows her to express her natural sarcasm and not be fired. She is a paranormal and contemporary romance author. Isabel lives in the U.S. with her husband, eight-year-old son, a senile Beagle, a neurotic Shepard mix, and a ginormous Great Dane mix.

The weird:

Now that the normal stuff is out of the way, here's some weird-but-true facts that would never come up in polite conversation. Isabel Jordan:

1. Is terrified of butterflies (don't's a real phobia called lepidopterophobia)
2. Is a lover of all things ironic (hence the butterfly on the cover of Semi-Charmed)
3. Is obsessed with Supernatural, Game of Thrones, and Dog Whisperer.
4. Hates coffee. Drinks a Diet Mountain Dew every morning.
5. Will argue to the death that Pretty in Pink ended all wrong. (Seriously, she ends up with the guy who was embarrassed to be seen with her and not the nice guy who loved her all along? That would never fly in the world of romance novels.)
6. Would eat Mexican food every day, if given the choice.
7. Reads two books a week in varied genres.
8. Refers to her Kindle as "the precious".
9. Thinks puppy breath is one of the best smells in the world.
10. Is a social media idgit. (Her husband had to explain to her last week what the point of Twitter was. She's still a little fuzzy on what Instagram and Pinterest do.)
11. Kicks ass at Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.
12. Stole her tagline idea from her son. Her tagline idea was, "Never wrong, not quite right." She liked her son's idea better.
13. Breaks one vacuum cleaner a year because she ignores standard maintenance procedures (Really, you're supposed to empty the canister every time you vacuum? Does that seem excessive to anyone else?)
14. Is still mad at the WB network for cancelling Angel in 2004.
15. Can't find her way from her bed to her bathroom without her glasses, but refused eye surgery, even when someone else offered to pay. (They lost her at "eye flap". Seriously, look it up. Scary stuff.)

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