Scatter My Ashes

Scatter My Ashes

By: B. Brumley, Eli Grace
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 207
Scatter My Ashes

She's the daughter of the infamous Delphine LaLaurie, serial killer of the French Quarter.

He's a broken soldier fresh from war.

Buying the decrepit mansion in New Orleans was supposed to be a fresh start for Spencer, instead he finds his PTSD sent into overdrive. He's not just seeing his dead best friend now; he's seeing a woman haunting the rooms of his newly-acquired home too.

For Marie, her spiritual torture has lasted well over a century. A new inhabitant of her prison means another chance at salvation.

But sanity is a tightrope walk for both Spencer and Marie.

And saving each other might mean losing their minds completely.

Trigger Warning

One of the main characters of this story is suffering from PTSD. He lost his best friend whilst serving his country upon foreign soil. Despite ‘Scatter My Ashes’ being a work of fiction, we would like to urge anyone reading who might be suffering from wounds of war to seek help. Please also know that you have our thanks and our respect.


This was truly an incredible read. I’ve read several books by Eli Grace, but this is my first from B. Bromley. I was definitely not disappointed. Scatter My Ashes was spellbinding and exciting and once I started reading I couldn’t stop. Once again, after reading a book by Eli Grace, my kids had cereal for dinner.


I love all things historical; more specifically the darker sides of history. New Orleans has been on my bucket list of places to visit for as long as I can remember, so I’ve always been fascinated by the more twisted true stories of the area. One of the great things about Scatter My Ashes is that while it contains a tiny bit of the twisted true history of the infamous Delphine LaLaurie, her story doesn’t overtake this store these authors are telling about her daughter and Spencer. While it does come into play as to why the story is happening, she doesn’t get the spotlight.


Both Spencer and Marie are both characters you can fall in love with in the sense of you can feel how tortured they are. You want to see them heal, to love and to be loved; to escape their despair. Sometimes only another tortured soul can heal you the way you need it.


Something I found truly unbelievable about Scatter My Ashes was how well these two authors meshed. I’ve read quite a few of Grace’s books but I’ve never read anything of Bromley’s. I honestly couldn’t tell which author wrote which parts. I’ve read several books that were co-authored, and I have been able to differentiate between the authors, but this wasn’t one. It’s not necessarily a bad thing to be able to recognize one author’s voice versus another, but I prefer it the story to blend in a way where I ask myself who did what.


Overall this was a fantastic read and I highly recommend. I’ve been reading Eli Grace for years, but I’m going to have to pick up B. Bromley’s books now as well. After reading Scatter My Ashes, I had a book hangover for days!


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About Eli Grace

Eli Grace also writes as: Eli Constant & Eliza Grace.

Author of speculative, mind-bending fiction. The Dead Trees Series, The Shadow Forest Series, and more. Co-author of The Z Children Series. Adores all things quirky, eats ice cream with a fork, and likes warm Dr. Pepper (on a cool day). Once thought she'd marry Martin Short... until she discovered Alan Rickman. #Always (Might also have Martin Freeman and Simon Pegg on her 'I get a pass' list. And, please, don't get her started on Jeff Godblum... erhm, Goldblum. #lifefindsaway)

About B. Brumley

Bokerah Brumley is a multi-published, award-winning author. She lives on ten permaculture acres, complete with sheep, goats, peacocks, turkeys, geese, guineas, ducks, chickens, five home-educated children, and one husband. She serves as the president of the Cisco Writers Club, moonlights as an acquisitions editor for The Crossover Alliance, and works as the production/marketing manager for an independent New York publisher.



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