Sadie Hawkins (Addiction Series Book 1) by Juli Valenti

Sadie Hawkins

By: Juli Valenti
Pages: 190
Series: The Addiction Series #1
Sadie Hawkins (Addiction Series Book 1) by Juli Valenti

My story isn’t a fairy tale.

It isn’t filled with princes and castles and happily ever afters.

My story is real — the truth as I know it. It’s fueled by drugs and debauchery and bad decisions. In my world, there are no happy endings, only darkness and rabbit holes.

My name is Sadie Hawkins... will you come dance with me?

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God, where to start with this book? This isn’t my usual type of read but I’ve got to say, it’s one hell of a ride. As the parent of a college student, Sadie Hawkins is somewhat terrifying. It gets dark, and it gets dark quickly. When the blurb says, “there’s no happy endings, only darkness and rabbit holes,” it’s not exaggerating.


Sadie is a drug addict. She didn’t start out that way. She was once a struggling student attending law school. What started out as a means to complete an abundance of school work turned into a train wreck. She’s now a stripper and her dreams of graduating law school are dust in the wind.


I’m not entirely sure what genre this would be classified as other than fiction, but it’s a believable fiction. In this day and age with so many people struggling with addiction, many of us can see someone we know in Sadie. It’s heartbreaking and infuriating at the same time. I wanted to slap the shit out of her and tell her to get it together, but I know that has little to no effect on the truly dependent.


This book had me in knots worrying about what was going to happen next. I highly recommend Sadie Hawkins to anyone looking to read something that’s a bit different and can give you some insight as to what can, and often does, go through the mind of an addict.


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About Juli Valenti

Juli Valenti grew up in a small town in Arkansas, known for Wal-mart, which is no longer small but is still known for the grocery store. Lucky for her, she didn’t retain an accent, despite her overuse of ya’ll when talking. She currently resides in sunny Florida with her husband and two young boys. If her world wasn’t crazy enough, she also works a full time day job, as well as owns her own editing company (Juli’s Elite Editing).

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