Ride or Die #2 by Cee Cee Riley

Ride or Die #2

By: Cee Cee Riley
Pages: 435
Ride or Die #2 by Cee Cee Riley

'Love can either destroy you, or bring you back to life.
Dom, Casa & Harlow

Casa only cares for two things in this life: his club—the Devil’s Highwaymen—and sex. That is until he meets Harlow. She’s feisty, passionate, and doesn’t fall for his usual charms. She’s perfect for him…but she belongs to someone else.

Harlow is broken; she has been for a long time. With nowhere to go, and worse, no one to go to, she’s become a clubslut for the West Side Bangers. That is until a chance meeting with her old friend and former lover, Dom, brings their worlds colliding together once more.
Dom is on a one-way train to hell; the guilt of losing his soulmate is killing him—but he can’t tell anyone about it. That is until he finds a brief respite from his suffering in the form of Harlow, the woman whose heart he once broke.

With all three set on their own self-destructive paths, they’ve only got one chance to make things right—but only if they can learn to forgive, and then to love again.
The funny thing about love is, it’s both painless and painful, and not even death can end the suffering.

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For all intents and purposes, I shouldn’t have liked this book as much as I did. As most people know, romance is not my thing. With that being said, the characters in this series intersect with characters in one of my favorite zombie series, Odium, by Claire C. Riley. I adore Riley’s writing style, so I wanted to give this series a chance. I wasn’t disappointed by the writing. I wasn’t actually disappointed by anything if I’m being honest. I just can’t stand one of the main characters.


I adore Harlow. I’m not sure what it is about her, but I love her. She’s feisty and has a huge heart. Even when it’s not in her best interest to be caring, she is. She’s damaged and seems to be a glutton for punishment. I want to punch Dom and Casa both.


I like Dom to a degree. I like him more now after reading the first Ride or Die book. I can tolerate him.


I can’t stand Casa. He’s too aggressive for my tastes and every time he opened his mouth, I wanted to knock his teeth out or junk punch him. He just grated on every nerve I have. I just feel like he’s a piece of shit and Harlow deserves better than him. Keep in mind, just because I hated a main character doesn’t mean this is a bad book, it just means I hated him for my own reasons and you shouldn’t let that stop you from reading this book.


While I hated Casa, I enjoyed the action and drama that played out within the story. There are some crazy things going on with the Devil’s Highwaymen, that’s for sure! Each of the characters Riley develops (except Casa) has a way of growing on you. You feel their familial connection. Blood doesn’t always make a family and the Devil’s Highwaymen are definitely a family.


Overall this was another great book by Riley. The Devil’s Highwaymen series is a great addition to her ever-expanding library of incredible books.


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