Ribbons & Bows by Robbie Cox

Ribbons Bows

By: Robbie Cox
Genres: Erotica, Romance
Pages: 110
Publisher: Draven Falls Publishing
Published on: November 29, 2015
Ribbons & Bows by Robbie Cox

A year and a half ago, Susanna Tawnie answered an advertisement on Craigslist for a roommate. Little did she know it was going to put her in the middle of two very different men who were both going to capture her heart. Not able to choose between the two, Susanna needed Santa to bring her a gift that she saw as impossible. Yet, would arrive in time before Brandon and Caiden discovered they were sharing the same woman?

Note: This novella is a complete story with BDSM overtones and steamy scenes. 18+ audience only.

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I received this book for free from Author Gifted in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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So first this is not paranormal, this is actually a contemporary romance/erotica.


Now that we got that out of the way, I also wanted to caution readers that there is some BDSM. So if that is something you are not okay with, then this book may not be for you.


Now that we got both of those things out of the way, it is time to get into the nitty gritty of Ribbons & Bows. Okay to be honest the title confuses me, or at least it did. Now I totally understand why Robbie titles it the way he does. The answer however involves a spoiler.


Susanna moved into an apartment away from home. In fact she desperately sought out an apartment away from home. She had a good job working customer service and she enjoyed life. That was until she started to have feelings for one of her roommates, but that happens all the time right? You move in with one or multiple people and sometimes sparks fly. For her she fell for Caiden, the easy going professor who likes to surf and treats her amazing in bed. I mean to give Susanna some credit. It was almost a year into their living arrangement before she started seeing Caiden. However, she had to keep it quiet, because their other roommate, Brandon recently lost his submissive. Oh but did he? Well yes, his Submissive Molly walked out. But Susanna’s interest was peaked and so she wanted to see what that was all about.


Yes, she was sleeping with loving Caiden, and falling in love with him, and also with dominating Brandon, who she was also falling in love with.  With Christmas approaching and it becoming increasingly harder to keep the two men apart, it was becoming hard for Susanna.


Now, let’s be honest, some women and men would jump at the chance to be with two different people, and I don’t mean physically, I mean personality wise as well.  In this story Caiden is easy going, while Brandon is demanding, so for Susanna it is the best of both worlds. I don’t know if I could do it personally, because I think relationships are hard, and I can’t even make friends that well, so keeping two other individuals happy while at the same time keeping myself happy doesn’t seem like it would be fun.


Maybe it would be, and I know individuals that are in polyamorous relationships and they do great. I mean obviously they have issues, but doesn’t everyone at some point.  The thing with Polyamorous relationships is that everyone knows the situation and can be informed. Susanna didn’t tell the two guys, so she was essentially leading a double life, and that I would not do.


I enjoyed this story, it strays outside my normal comfort zone of paranormal. But let’s be honest, most of the books I have been reading have, because if I find an author I like, I want to read more from them. I enjoy Robbie’s books, I enjoy his voice, and I enjoy the fact that you can tell he likes what he does.  There are people who you read the book and it is just dull and sad, and I don’t mean the story, I mean the voice. It is like the person doesn’t want to be writing, and so while they do, they impart their feelings.


It reminds me of the movie “Like water for chocolate.” That movie deals with food and how your emotions can dictate how the food tastes.  There are a couple of places that the story slows down a little too much for me. Since I don’t read a lot of Contemporary Romance, that may be the generalized style.

Back to the story, I am not particularly a fan of Susanna’s and that is mainly because she is playing with fire. And not the good kind of fire, like literal fire.  No she is playing with emotions, and feelings, and honestly why treat people bad who you say you care about.  I don’t think she actually meant to be in her situation, but when you let parts of your  body lead you astray, then you have to figure out how to get back on track.


I think that overall this is a good book because it pulls feelings out of the reader.  You may not like Susanna, or you may. Either way you have an emotional response to a book. I think that is the best type of book there is.  One that pulls you in, regardless of how it makes you feel, it makes you feel.

About Robbie Cox

I live in sunny Florida where I spend my days taxiing the family to various places while jotting down the many crazy thoughts inside my head. I enjoy a freelance career writing for several magazines sharing some of my interesting viewpoints on life and those around me. I can usually be found on my back porch watching the squirrels chittering at the birds while enjoying a cigar, a scotch, and the many characters that talk to me inside my head.

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