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The Dread Acolyte by J. Arthur Zuidema

  Torhagon has been sent as a believer of his goddess to help find the daughter of a member of the royal family.  Before he can even arrive in Uruk his party is faced with unnatural horrors that test their … Continue reading

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Paradox by Cheryl Feeley

  Paradox is a story that starts with two individuals who are adults but for the entire book I saw them in my head as teenagers or college aged students, although they are clearly adults.  So a partnership of a … Continue reading

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Day 14: The Sisters: A Mystery of Good and Evil, Horror and Suspense by Don Sloan

      Imagine if houses could talk, now imagine that these houses were hundreds of years old, held secrets beyond your imagination.  Now imagine that you lived near the coast, where rain, snow, and fog encompass not only the … Continue reading

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