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The Detective Wins The Witch by Kristen Painter

In Kristen Painter’s latest Nocturne Falls book, “The Detective Wins The Witch,’ we look at Marigold, a local witch that owns the floral shop.  Her mom and two sisters are also witches. You have Pandora and Charisma who are her … Continue reading

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Murderous Little Darlings by John Hennessey

I had high hopes going into this book. Who doesn’t love murderous little kids? They’re terrifying AND adorable. I can’t say I was satisfied. I liked it to some degree, but I didn’t love it as I had hoped.   … Continue reading

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The Last Hellfighter by Thomas S. Flowers

  There is so much I want to say about this book, but no matter how many words I come up with, I still feel like I could never truly do it justice. The Last Hellfighter was PHENOMENAL. Hands down … Continue reading

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