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Floor 21 by Jason Luthor

      In a futuristic world where the entirety of the human race lives in one building.  Rain is collected on the roof with solar panels to make sure that there is proper light for residents.  It isn’t just … Continue reading

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Water of Souls, A Victoria Cage Necromancer Novel #2 by Eli Constant

Water of Souls is the 2nd book in the Victoria Cage, Necromancer series by Eli Constant. I didn’t think it was possible, but Water of Souls is actually even better than the first book, Garden of Lilies.   I can’t … Continue reading

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Garden of Lilies (A Victoria Cage Necromancer Novel) by Eli Constant

  Garden of Lilies is the first book in the Victoria Cage Necromancer series. It is both exciting and heart wrenching while keeping the reader completely entranced in the story. Tori is a funeral director and more importantly a Necromancer. … Continue reading

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